cleveland wins again!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The fabulous Bridget Callahan brought the following video to my attention on Facebook yesterday.

The story goes that Yahoo Music created a list called, The Most Epically Awful Videos of 2011: Even Worse Than Rebecca Black - well this list apparently has a Cleveland connection in that the #1 epically awful music video goes to Cleveland based metal band Alternate Reality.

This video, titled "The King that Never Was" was filmed at Squire's Castle and would actually be the best video on the planet if it was created as a spoof but alas, these musicians really do live in an alternate reality.

It has the makings of acting and costumes like you'd find in a soft porn late night on Cinemax, Dungeons & Dragons super fans, every cliche metal stereotype and then it's all tied together with horrendous sounding "music".

All that being said, it's awesome and around the 2 min mark, when they actually start the music I laughed out loud and snorted.


So watch it, you must.


  1. holy shit i only made it to 2:14 it was so bad. i need to go wash my eyes and ears out.

  2. ohh wait i heard lebrick might move to another, lol crabs are going to look so bad is not even funny!!
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  3. holy shit is right!

    This has GOT to be a spoof

  4. Yeah, Steve posted this on his FB page and I've been watching the reaction ever since. Him, "Nimweh" and "Morgana" come to the Halloween party every year. He started that metal band recently, was dead serious in making the music and video, but are now rolling with the punches on the notoriety it's getting nationwide and worldwide.

  5. ohh wait i heard lebrick might move to another, lol crabs are going to look so bad is not even funny!!
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