Kids don't want books for Christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So last night I finally got around to watching the Jimmy Kimmel video that has been making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook the last couple of days and holy crap is it hilarious.

The premise is Jimmy Kimmel asked viewers to intentionally give their children terrible Christmas presents and video tape their reactions and it's pure comedy gold I tell ya.

If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and do so...

Fabulous, right?

Anyways, after watching this for the first time I couldn't help but recall Christmas of 1990, when I was a wee 10-year-old. That year I asked my family for many normal 10-year-old girl presents one of which was the very general category of, "books".

Adults LOVE to give books, but this wasn't a piece of information I was privy too in 1990.

I'm blessed with a big family, with lots of wonderful people giving me gifts, and after the first few books being received from my Dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve I was OK. Upon the second stop on Christmas Eve to my Mom's side of the family when the books continued to pile up I was getting annoyed, but not too much, because the next day was Christmas and "Santa" wouldn't let me down.

Christmas morning I got a lot more books (shocking) and I was sad, but grateful, and not a breaking point... yet.

That is until got to my Tiajo's house for Christmas dinner and present exchange and all my hopes and dreams of fun toys were flushed down the toilet as I unwrapped, you guessed it, MORE BOOKS.

I'm pretty sure one of them was a Children's Bible and around that point I completely lost it.

I had a full out 3-year-old-esque temper tantrum crying and screaming (like the chubby little boy around the 3:40 mark of the video) because all she got for Christmas was "stupid books".

I essentially was gifted enough reading material that not only could I have stocked my own library but I potentially could still be reading through all of them 20+ years later.

My family still laughs about this. Rightly so.

So what was your worst/awful/terrible/awkward holiday present you've ever received?


  1. This video is hilarious!

    I used to always get horrible sweaters from an aunt for Christmas gifts. I hated having to pretend that I liked them!

  2. Ha, that's awesome! My only unusual Christmas memories are two that led me to uncovering the truth about our jolly fat friend. Now there's a blog post idea...have people tell how they found out!

    And that video is hilarious!

  3. I can't remember one for me, but I can't wait for my niece to open her gift from me and my husband. We got her some kid friendly baking stuff, but I'm not sure if she likes baking at all! She is a bit spoiled so I can't wait to see how she reacts!

  4. i usually had the opposite experience- my sister and i asked for super lame stuff, like rubber bands and paperclips, so when people asked us what we got for christmas and we basically ran down the list of office supplies at Staples, people would get all horrified with my parents. and they'd go "but that's what they ASKED for! we ALSO gave them toys! we swear!"

  5. i got a purple snow suit when i was probably pushing 12 and i thougth it was way too old for a snow suit. pretty sure i pouted, said it was stupid and hated it. sorry mom and dad!

  6. oh man i asked for books too, but that's a bit ridiculous to get so many in one year. i actually don't think i've ever had a bad gift receiving incident. however, the first gift my father-in-law ever gave me for christmas was a candle and Dances with Wolves. SO RANDOM. i literally did not know how to react to that, haha.

  7. Oh my God, laughing about it all over again, Alexa!!

  8. The more books I receive the more we have to pick from. My friend got me 2 books for Christmas. I believe I still have 5 other books to read right now. My dad just bought me 3 books.
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  9. there is a video of me on my eighth or ninth birthday and I'm opening a gift from my parents that is a set of pencils. Only I was not upset by this, rather, I was ECSTATIC. Its soooo funny to watch now. And its also kind of sad, like, what child gets so excited about PENCILS?!?

  10. I was laughing so hard reading this, I was sick! How I remember that Christmas day........I was shocked because you really HAD asked for books and I was SO excited you did, since I LOVE to give them as presents! By the way, I didn't give you a Children's Bible that day!

  11. This video is hysterical. I can't remember my least favorite gift, which is frustrating because I feel like it's right at the edge of my memory. Perhaps I've blocked out the trauma?

    (That video is amazing.)

  12. Oh you poor thing. That must've been really sad as a little kid!

    The only horrid present I got was actually for my 20th birthday. My dad brought me home a car. Now wait until I give a little backstory. My dad is in the car business, and as a result, I got a "new" car about once a year from the ages of 16-22. They were always cars that the business owned, so I just drove around on a dealer plate and all was good.

    Anyway, I got home after going out with the girls for my b-day and saw the white 1988 Buick Riveria sitting in the driveway. I wondered why my dad brought home such an ugly car (he drove a different car from the dealership home every night) and went inside... where my dad promptly handed me the keys and said, "Happy Birthday!"

    Naturally, I cried, and ran down to my room. I made my best friend go upstairs and tell him I liked the car I had just fine and didn't want the Buick (which he said was a "sports car"). I'm an ungrateful little shit, aren't I?!

    Hope you get what you're asking for this Christmas!!!

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