MOB's engaged + STL with CK

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Even after a holiday season filled weekend I'm still in denial that Christmas is on Sunday - where did the time go?

If time is my issue then this past weekend was the perfect holiday primer as I traveled to St. Louis for a weekend with CK and his wonderful family...

... but more on that later because something HUGE, MASSIVE, AMAZING, WONDERFUL happen Friday afternoon before I boarded a plane to STL.


Foxxy, MOB, me and Beaver are all super excited!!! I promise Pete is too, but maybe not so much in this picture. It may or may not have been all my screaming with joy that scared him :)

MOB is one of, if not "my best friend" (right Beaver?) and to say that I was excited after patiently waiting for Pete to pop the question would be the understatement of the year. I'm so genuinely happy for my friend I'm not sure I can put it in words.

So just like I did when I walked into the Public House before heading to the airport on Friday for a celebratory shot + cocktails I'll just scream, cry and jump up and down for 5 minutes.

As a slightly buzzed up passenger post PH I made my way to CLE to board my flight to STL for, as I previously mentioned, for a fun filled holiday celebration with CK and his family. We ate + drank + caroled + visited + danced + open presents and generally had a good time. And I can't thank CK's family enough for their hospitality and general awesomeness.

CK's sister + brother-in-law Maggie and Chuck and CK's other sister Caroline and her boyfriend Parker caroling the night away.

CK demonstrating one of his iPhone capable Christmas presents and Parker, CK and Jessica taking a break from a rousing game of front yard soccer with a child sized glitter soccer ball - it was magical.

At the end of the weekend I left STL feeling happy and loved which is all that you can ask for after spending a weekend with your boyfriend's* family, right?

Say it with me now, "Awwwwwwwwwwww".

Happy Tuesday, kids!

*Disclosure: I'm 100% positive this is the first time in 1.5+ years of dating that I officially referred to CK as my boyfriend on this blog.


  1. sweet!! Must be the holiday spirit that's got you all lovey dovey. :)

  2. yay- BF official :)

  3. Um, yeah, holy did-not-know-you-had-a-boyfriend, batman! Congrats to MOB, and sounds like a lovely weekend!


  4. AHHHHHHH! You called him your boyfriend.

    (my exact reaction when I read that!)

  5. so it's real now - no backing out now, chris!!! :)

    you look gorge in those pics from PH.

  6. haha, i guess that means it's official now? :) welcome to blog fame, ck!

  7. Congrats to MOB and Pete! Woo hoo! Glad you had fun in STL. I've been traveling to Jefferson City for the last few months and fly into STL, however, I've yet to actually see the city!

  8. First of all, your boyfriend is adorable. I had no idea you were dating him! Secondly, CONGRATS TO MOB & PETE! Wooooo!

  9. ha! just when i was wondering.. ok is this CK guy her boyfriend or what.

  10. *Disclosure: I'm 100% positive this is the first time in 1.5+ years of dating that I officially referred to CK as my boyfriend on this blog.

    I was just about to say that. And here you try to bury it deep within a post. Whatever. Alexa's got a BOYFRIEND!!!! hahaha.

  11. i would just like to go on record that i'm laughing out loud at these comments.

    yes, alexa has a boyfriend.

    i mean waiting nearly two years into a relationship before mentioning it on your personal blog is totally normal, totally.


  12. The holidays will do that to you. Love the use of the "BF" term! Merry Christmas!

  13. aw yay! what a fabulous way to kick off the holidays. congrats to MOB, i love the picture at top. you can just tell how excited all of you are for her, love it!!

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