Windows schmindos

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's happening, you guys.

Someone has agreed to fix my poorly installed windows that have been leaking since spring.

No more sitting at my office when it's raining stressing about how I know water is pouring into my kitchen, no more 9x13 pyrex pans sitting on the window sills waiting to catch water, no more cracks.


It took 4 separate contractors to come out and blow me off, but finally, FINALLY I have a start date.

That being said, I probably shouldn't hold my breathe, it's not Friday.... yet.

You all should probably cross your fingers for me that the project moves seamlessly and we can somehow figure out how to get to my second level back windows without having to tear down a fence.

You all should probs cross your toes while you're at it too.

Ah, the miracle of home ownership....

I need a drink.


  1. good luck with your windows! stuff like that always makes me laugh, you hear about how hard up for jobs people are, but that sort of thing goes on all the time in the service industry.

  2. When we had our driveway done, we had talked to four contractors, selected one, received a start date a month away, and paid our deposit. 18 hours before it was to start, he called, said a machine broke, he couldn't do it, and to find someone else.

    So we did, and they were to start two weeks later. Then the permit couldn't get released. When it was released, the weather wasn't going to hold. So, a month after he was to have it done, it finally got started. THEN the police decided they knew better than, oh, the guys who are POURING THE CONCRETE, how long we shouldn't park our cars in the driveway, and pushed back on needing to park in the street for two weeks.

    YAY American dream! If there was anything I wanted more of in my life, it was headaches and hassle! :)

  3. OMG idigsmartladies - you and i have lots in common there. the american dream indeed :)

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  5. YAY! Hope this got resolved and your windows are leak-free!

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  7. I kind of feel like you right now. I'm trying to organize a small meeting in Vegas and have been ignored by some of the hotels we're trying to contact. I get how easy it is to be frustrated with the whole process. I've got to think like Alexa and keep pushing forward. Eventually someone will think this little fish's business (in a big sea of conventions) is worthwhile! =)

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