Adult slumber party + Allison's birthday party

Monday, January 23, 2012

So yeah, I was a little quiet on the blog front last week, don't worry, I was just busy making one if the biggest life decisions I've had to make in years - no big deal.

But more on that later...

Let's chat about this past weekend shall we?

Thursday night CK and I dined in my neighborhood at Luxe Kitchen & Lounge and then headed to tremont to meet up with the Verdova's and Pagezell (<--- new nickname alert which equals AJP + Harzell) at Flying Monkey. It was a much need hangout and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Friday night brought lots of snow and an unexpected "adult slumber party" with my house guests Allison and JV. We talked about work, life, loves, etc all while eating Noodlecat and ice cream sundaes from Sweet Moses.

JV just slidin', Allison just plankin' and playing in my kitchen and our sundaes, mmmmm.

We essentially acted like children all night and then Seanski came over and it got worse. Allison and I headed to bed early and then Seanski and JV decided to take video and pics of us sleeping - very 7th grade sleepover right? The next morning we headed to Latitude 41N for breakfast because we obviously need to hangout with each other a little more.

Saturday afternoon an ungodly amount of money was spent on the most random items at Target and I took in a viewing of Beauty and the Beast in 3D - it's better on the big screen, you guys.

Saturday night though was party time for Allison's 29th birthday at Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City - lots of friends were in attendance as well as lots of non-friends, aka the bar was PACKED. Allison is lucky I like her because me and some of the OHC establishments on Saturday nights just don't get along - Sunday thru Thursday? I love um - weekends? Not so much. Great for the neighborhood but not good for old farts like me.

I should probably back up though because before Allison's party me, Seanski and Matt had dinner at the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood's newest dining establishment Spice Kitchen + Bar (where I had my #holladays party if you remember). The place was GREAT, it was good to see the full space all put together and if you do one thing when you go there just listen to me and order the mushroom beignets - TRUST ME.

My sparkly nails for the evening clutching my bubbles and our delicious/tasty/creative food for our wonderful meal.

Some shots from Allison's party - lots of friends, lipgloss application with my malbec tongue and Lzone in a beard sandwich - she says ew, I say love.

After a walk through at Speakeasy (after we left MKT Garden) was deemed way too much for me, Seanski and Matt we headed to XYZ the Tavern for a late night slice and night cap - the perfect way to end a fun night out.

Sunday the draw to Latitude 41n for breakfast was strong (again) so MOB and I talked wedding stuff and then I headed home to well, just be home - it was just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. I keep meaning to try the breakfast at 41n and you are the second person to mention it in the past few weeks, so I may need to add that to my To Do list for next weekend!

  2. I'm so sad I missed Allison's birthday party - looks like it was a blast!
    And what is this major life decision??? have me all curious now......tease.

  3. Everything is a little foggy but thank you very much for attending because I know you hate those bars on the weekend.

  4. I love Ahmed and Fishface, but I do not love their beards.

  5. I love your sparkly nail polish! It reminds me that I was looking at my toes the other day and realized I still have on the polish from my last pedicure (which was approximately 4.65 months ago)! In other words, your finger polish is way prettier than my toe polish!!!

    And what's this with big life decisions and no update. Email me. Now! =)

  6. seriously looks like THE BEST time, heart you ladies.

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