Drinking wine in Bay Village and yacht rockin' for Seanski's 30th

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello snow, how ya doin'? How ya been?

Can't say I missed ya but if you only stick around for the next 7 weeks tops I won't hate you - you're presence this weekend sure did make everything a little prettier though. So for now,
for now, we're friends, welcome back.

This past snowy weekend in Cleveland was a good one with a stereotypical "girl's night out" over wine with some of my oldest friends (not newest, right poo poo?).

Muffin, poo poo, Beaver, Jill and I headed to a new (to me) restaurant/bar in Bay Village called Vento La Trattoria and Wine Bar. This restaurant, essentially across the street from Huntington Beach, was A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. You walk in the space and it screams date night. The mood lighting, dark wood and general coziness just makes you want to pop open a bottle of malbec.

And we may or may not have opened about 4 bottles of malbec.

We all got together to celebrate our friend poo poo's birthday who was home visiting from Chicago and with poo poo being one of my favorite people EVER anytime we all get to hangout (blizzard or not) makes me happy.

My gorgeous friends poo poo and Muffin.

Saturday brought lots of errands and shopping on the east side of Cleveland with CK including a lunch stop at Michael Symon's B Spot Burgers and a visit to my cousin Peter's store Pat O'Brien's Fine Wines for some wine and bubbles stock up.

Saturday also brought Seanski's 30th Birthday bash at the Harbor Inn. The party was yacht themed based on Seanski's love of boating, the location of Harbor Inn and the irony of dressing up like one is on a boat in the middle of January. It was a party and a half filled with lots of friends, fun and most importantly DANCING. Seanski wouldn't have the #seanski30 party any other way.

Ahoy Matey! That's Captain Paul and Captain Bob to you.

Nick, CK, Shibani and Allison being adorable - Moe posing in her yacht-wear and winter boots, naturally - and of course we had rotating video screens for the party with the #seanski30 hashtag and all.

My favorite costume of the night came from Ms. Lzone herself - shark attack!! The side shot may be my favorite due to an inappropriately placed fin...

When one is about to be eaten by a shark I'm told this the look they make - pure terror. I'm quite the actress - Dear Hollywood, call me.

Lots of friends, including the birthday boy himself, um, eating a pearl necklace?

Oh, Seanski how you crack me up. I hope you had as much fun at your 30th birthday party as I and the rest of your guests did. The snow could never keep us way!

Happy Monday, kids.


  1. I knew those pearls would be a hit!

  2. yay for hanging out in the bubble :) i need to get to vento, pronto!

  3. Alexa, you seriously need to wear red lipstick. Like, all the time. You put that ol' Gwen Stefaniwhatsherface to shame!

  4. Had way too much fun. Thanks for being awesome.

  5. I love you my new friend Lex! I don't even remember saying that. What an Ahole.


  7. haha seriously looks like so much fun. love the shark costumes, awesome.

  8. That's awesome! Also, it's been so long since I've visited - I've missed your blog! Also, I LOVE your new look.

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