How I spent my holiday vacation: Part One

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, I'm back.

Happy 2012 and happy 4 year blogiversary to Cleveland's a Plum!!

When I started this here blog on January 1, 2008 never, ever, EVER did I think you'd be able to view my posting archives for all of 2008, let alone 2009, 2010, 2011 and now 2012...

This is crazy to me.

I've met so many people (who are now my great friends) all thanks to this blog and I even if I stopped posting tomorrow (don't worry, I'm not) I wouldn't have a single regret. And for this I thank you all for reading - here's to another fabulous year - xoxo.

During my much anticipated
holiday vacation I had a lot of fun with family and friends only some of which I'm going to share here because let's be honest I really don't need to upload 100+ pictures from my week of fun - how about the cliff notes version?

The holiday festivities started out with the bang on the eve of Christmas Eve with the first soon to be annual event: The Cousins Party! My cousins Anthony and Mara hosted at their home in North Canton and my cousins (from my Dad's side of the family) traveled from all over the county to attend. We ate delicious food, drank till our heads were fuzzy and even mapped out our family tree on a cocktail napkin because we could. It was awesome.

My sissy (in from Boston), Marissa (in from Chicago), Mara (our hostess) and Dina - Anthony (our host), Steven (in from Florida), Jay (in from Lexington) and CK - and sissy posing with the beautiful tree!

Christmas eve my Mom, sissy and CK all headed over to good family friends the Loukas' for a wonderful holiday visit and most importantly to snuggle with my godson Bobby - the most adorable baby out there, fact.

"Hi. I'm Bobby and my Nouna (godmother in Greek) is obsessed with me"

The rest of Christmas eve was spent at my Thea Eros and Uncle Nick's house as well as my cousin Pete and Suzanne's house - there's nothing like party hopping for the holidays, nothing.

Sissy, my cousin Kristen, my Yiayia Lambo, me and my cousin Marissa at my Thea Eros and Uncle Nick's. I love my family!

My cousins Elenie, Alexandra and Kosta with sissy at Peter and Suzanne's where the lamb chops and champagne cocktails were a plenty.

Christmas Day was spent at my Tiajo and Uncle David's where more than one dance party erupted, more than one elevator ride was taken and more than one fashion show was put on - kids, I love them.

My not so little anymore cousins Nicolette, Grayson and Jenna at the Christmas dinner table crowns and all.

The day after Christmas was spent with friends that if I never started this blog I wouldn't have - ANG, Maris (both in from Chicago) and Pam - thank god for the plum, right?

We dined at my neighborhood favorite Luxe Kitchen + Lounge where we became obsessed with the Cerelia martini. We bar hopped to XYZ the Tavern where Seanski joined us, then to Velvet Tango Room and a night cap at Market Garden Brewery. With Maris being a first time Cleveland visitor I think we successfully showed her a good night on the town.

Our new favorite drink, me and ANG (our faces and bracelets) and Maris and ANG with a blurry Seanski attempting a photo bomb.

Fun times had by all in Canton/Cleveland!

I think that's it for now... all of the New Year's Eve Eve #holladays festivities will have to wait until the next post - and man will that be one for the record books.

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. Your family parties look amazing. Hey - I'm greek! invite me!

  2. those lamb chops look deeelish. Stupid diet. I'm so hungry.

  3. I secons that. It's 10:30 and I want those lamb chops for breakfast. grrr

  4. i totally meant 'second'. see how hungry I am??

  5. Great pictures! Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year -- and happy 4 years! Those lamb chops do look really good, but I'm craving one of those champagne cocktails.

  7. looks like an awesome holiday party!! I always see people wearing those crowns on tv (where i get all my information) whats the meaning?

    Happy 2012~~

  8. oh goodness so much fun and so much cuteness. also, want the sparkly shirt. SO CUTE and FUN!eeee.

  9. Welcome back and happy blogoversery! Looks like a fun holiday in your neck of the woods

  10. Good to see you had a good holiday break! Great pics, as always!

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