How I spent my holiday vacation: Part Two - #holladays!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love the Holla Days, you guys.

"Holla Days" being the shortened name for the party Lzone and I have been throwing for the past three years: The New Year's Eve Eve Holla Days Festival of Awesomeness Party. It's exactly what the name says, a party thrown on the day
before New Year's Eve - 12/30.

As mentioned, Lzone and I have been hosting the #holladays party for the last three years (2009 and 2010) but I'm confident to say that this past year was the best yet.

This year we were blessed with a unique, stunning and new restaurant venue that for every party we have moving forward we are going to remember how lucky we were to be able to score this place before it opened.

Spice Kitchen + Bar is the soon to open Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood restaurant from the team behind the popular Spice of Life Catering Company with a focus on local sourced food and drink.

The restaurant staff including, Ben, Jackie, Jess and Amelia were so gracious and helpful to my friends and I the night of our party that I'm counting down the days till they open to the public for dinner on Tuesday January 17th.

If it wasn't for the on point customer service, tasty drinks and scrumptious food from Spice I'm not sure our #holladays party would have been as successful or as fun as it was.

And man was it fun - so many friends, so much prosecco, so much sparkle. And now I'll just show you the pictures to prove it, natch.

A hint of the Spice Kitchen + Bar menu and one of the flatbreads and popcorns that were served to our guests.

The hostesses with the mostesses - me and Lzone. The top is the first picture we took and the bottom is the last picture of the night. I'd say we held up ok after 983 bottles of Prosecco, right?

Lots of friends: Ashley + Julie + Erin /// Jamie + the Cleveland Foodie herself, Michelle /// Christie + Zone sissy Jenna /// Erin + Moe + MOB

More friends: Bean + Allison + Greg /// the newly engaged duo Dean + Alana /// Heather + more Alana /// Danny + Gina + Kayla

Party people: Marissa + Carla + Craig + CK + Patrick /// AJP + JV + Ben + Charity

The Beautiful Ladies (plus one metro): Michelle + Heather + Alana + Cortney /// Shibani + Hartzell + JV + AJP

My favorite shot of the night, Seanksi being carried by Hartzell. We may or may not have been politely asked to leave right.... about.... here....

WHAT A NIGHT. Thanks again to all who came out to party and if we are judging by the 38 people checked into Spice on foursquare at one point in the night I'd say the #holladays party was trending.

Don't forget to save the date for next year's 4th annual party on 12/30/12!


  1. This was seriously a rockin time. Evidenced by my 2 day hangover. :)
    Thanks again for hosting!

  2. Thank you Holla Days for seriously the WORST hangover of my life. Pretty sure I had alcohol poisoning. This is not a joke. But that aside, I had a FAB time!

  3. Love love your dress to cute!

  4. this was the best party we've been to in awhile! you and lzone killed it!

  5. A big THANK YOU to you and LZone for the best holiday party I went to this season. Love you! xoxo

  6. Amazing way to say goodbye to 2011. Thanks again!

  7. I can't wait for next year!! What an awesome awesome party!! Yes, double awesome. XO

  8. best recap ever and what a great shot of sean at the end.

    Thanks for inviting me!

  9. HOLLA!! I'm glad that we're friends. And that we like to throw parties. We're pretty good at it. :)

  10. Sounds like a fabulous time (I love me some prosecco!), but I'm having a hard time getting over that COLOR SPLASH in your outfit. Way to go, Alexa!!!

  11. Your outfit is amazing and I can't wait to visit the restaurant once it's open! Yay for being close to my neighborhood!

  12. On behalf of the Spice staff, thanks SO much - we had a blast!

    If you and Lisa ever want to quit your day jobs, we could use a few more event planners with your skills! Seriously - it was an incredible party. We were honored to host it.

    Our photographer captured some more great footage:

    Just an update on opening, everyone - we've moved back by a week to January 17th! (I think your drink tabs were too much for the crotchety POS system to handle and it crashed the next day. So we're getting a new one).

    Thanks again for the props - we hope to see you all at Spice again soon! Cheers.

  13. Jackie - i updated the opening date in the post - can't wait!!

  14. We had a blast! Thanks so much for the invite. Any excuse to wear sparkles...

  15. looks like you had a blast! way to ring out 2011 girlie!

  16. Heard stories of how epic this was - loved the photos! Really looking forward to Spice opening up - going to be a great addition to the neighborhood.

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