Jump Back Ball + This City on CSF Radio

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I have a couple of fabulously unrelated and random updates for you today.

First being PlayhouseSquare's 21st Annual Jumpback Ball taking place Saturday, February 25th. My loyal readers know how much I love this event as I try to attend every year that I can (here's my 2010 recap, 2011 recap). This year will be my 5th year attending and if you've ever been to Jump Back Ball you know why I keep going back year after year - the dressing up, the dancing, the drinks, the food, the State Theater!

The tickets to the event literally always sell out and this year is guaranteed to be no different as as of today there are approximately 60 tickets left so if you're on the fence about going stop that right now and buy your ticket to the event of the year. Another reason to buy today is that on Wednesday the tickets prices go up - so don't delay!

The second update for the day is that tonight Allison and I will be on the radio! The internet radio to be specific, the "This City" show on CSF Radio to be even more specific. We'll be live on air and in studio at 9:30pm tonight and you can bet your life we'll have had a cocktail or two in us for preparations sake.

I hope you tune in to hear us talk about all things Cleveland and perhaps all things inappropriate as I'm not 100% sure how it's going to go yet...

Click here to listen to This City live every Tuesday from 9 to 11pm.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. Tonight will be a ton of fun, I have Christmas Ale and Skinny Girl Margaritas in store of us!

  2. What have we gotten ourselves into!?

  3. So excited for Jump Back Ball...this will be my first year attending!

  4. Posted over 200 video logs for my volunteering club, and we have an audience of over 2,000.

  5. I'm really excited for Jump Back Ball this year! The first time I read about it was your 2010 recap - and 2011 definitely lived up to the expectations you set. Can't wait to go again this year.

  6. im always a day late and a dollar short! are these available in podcast?

    I'm sure you girls had a blast!

  7. You can listen to the archive of This City on CSF Radio, here... http://csfradio.com/list.php?category/5-This-City

    Scroll towards the bottom for Mixlr Archived Programs, "This City 1/24/2012"

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