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Friday, January 13, 2012

Your front row seat for entertainment magazines.

These "Sh*t ________ Say" videos have been making the rounds on the internet for a couple of weeks now and while I've giggled at a few of them none compare to the two I'm about to post.

See below for Sh*t Nobody Says - hilarious, brilliant and so so so so so true.

If you're a closeted (or out) Real Housewives of (fill in the blank city) fan you'll very much appreciate the following video. See below for Sh*t Real Housewives Say - spot on.

Happy Friday (the 13th), kids!!


  1. Do you like these glasses? They're twenty five thousand dollars.

    Shoot Dana now, please! I don't know why they kept her on the show. She tries to hard and is really annoying. Except for when she stood up for Taylor and then she was a good friend.

    Alrighty, stepping back into my Housewives million dollar closet now. Happy Friday! =)

  2. Ha, I hadn't seen the Housewives one yet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. During the Summer, I love playing it on Fridays, because nobody is in the TV room where my playstation is.
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  4. That Housewives video is hilarious. I love that they brought back the "skin me and wear me like last season's Versace" line. Classic.

  5. What's wrong with 'I'm starving, I need a drink?' I say it all the time. And nipples ARE in this season.

  6. I am just thrilled with how well this weekly contest is going, and I thank you so much for your support! See you tomorrow..
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