My wedding themed old school hip hop weekend in Cleveland

Monday, January 30, 2012

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Things I did this weekend in Cleveland:

1. Became obsessed with Dolce Wraps in Westgate Plaza even if I'm still burping up garlic, ew.

2. Played perfect bridesmaid to MOB's bride at the adorable bridal boutique Something White - she said yes to the dress and I tried on veils, it was awesome.

3. CK and I got last minute tickets to the Cavs vs Nets game thanks to Moe and Mark, grabbed a bite at Flannery's beforehand, and Kevin's Martini Bar after.

4. Heckled Kris Humphries.

5. Brunched at Latitude 41N with CK on Saturday - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

6. Saturday night dinner at Light Bistro in Ohio City with Muffin, Jesse, Josh, Miranda and CK then old school hip hop night at Touch Supper Club.

7. Dropped it like it was hot. Booty popped. Waved my hands in the air like I just didn't care. Said oh-yeah, oh-yeah. Woo.

8. Lunched at Sweet Melissa's on Sunday with the Deery sisters, Beaver and MOB.

9. Took in the first ever Boutique Bridal Bazaar in the basement of Dredger's Union with MOB and Muffin - it was all local and very niche independent vendors which made it a bridal show worth checking out.

10. Made CK and I a juicy meatloaf wrapped in bacon for dinner with roasted red skinned potatoes and snap peas.

11. Decided to be way too lazy to organize any sort of pictures for this post - blogger fail.

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. Who doesn't love a bacon blanket?! Now I know what to make for dinner.

  2. sounds like a win of a weekend, especially the heckling of kris humphries, just for fun. and meatloaf in bacon?? that just sounds so good!

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