Hey brands, quit releasing your commercials before the Super Bowl

Friday, February 3, 2012

So it's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend, time to put on stretchy pants, drink some beer and eat anything you want.

I suppose one watches the football game too, but until the day comes when my Cleveland Browns are in the big game I'm not going to care nearly as much of the sporting part of Super Bowl Sunday.

But that's not the point of this post.

As a woman in the marketing industry I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy watching all the new television commercials the national brands put out during the Super Bowl.

Or I did.

Until the majority of the national brands have decided to become all anti-climatic on us and in the weeks BEFORE the Super Bowl, rather than allowing consumers to experience the ads with virgin eyes during the big game, show their commercial cards.

Just yesterday morning the Today Show ran an entire segment previewing all the commercials, I've seen Acura's ad, I've seen Honda's, I've seen Volkswagen's, I've seen H&M's, the list goes on and on.

I would have been totally fine if Honda kept their CR-V Ferris Bueller spot with Matthew Broderick to the 10 second "tease" ad it was running - that is good marketing, building the anticipation, thumbs up.

But then they (Honda) went and ruined it for all of us with releasing the whole thing weeks prior to the big game - not cool Ferris, not cool.

Hell, TMZ even leaked what Madonna's halftime show stage will look like!

Is nothing a surprise anymore? This needs to stop! Stop ruining the Super Bowl commercials for me, brands - don't take away my joy.

Sigh, it seems like the only thing that is not a surprise when it comes to the Super Bowl is that the Cleveland Browns aren't ever participating.

HEY-O! Just kidding, I love you Cleveland Browns, I love you.

Happy Super Bowl weekend, you guys!


  1. Somehow I've successfully avoided it all this year. Virgin eyes here! Pisses me off too that they are releasing them.

  2. I'm totally with you on this one. I haven't seen most of the commercials, but the local news was playing the chimpanzee one this morning (couldn't tell you what it's for - advertising fail) and I was kinda pissed that I wouldn't get to watch it for the first time on Sunday!

  3. I was thinking the same thing this week when I was watching the Today Show! Why do they do this?!? Ah well...and maybe next year for the Browns :) Here is to being a Cleveland anything fan!

  4. luckily i missed all the spoilers! i think seeing mr beckham for the first time in the H&M ad, was the hilight of my life.

    Oh....sorry, i was dreaming!!

  5. i'm right there with you, not really any surprise since almost everything had leaked. hopefully next year it won't be everywhere and you can choose to see them without have them thrown in your face.

  6. I have to say, I wish the commercials stayed secret. The Ferris/Honda one would have been way better without seeing it ahead of time. But Madonna's halftime show was amazing.

  7. i agree! i did manage to actually not see a single one before the superbowl, so i did keep my eyes virgin, but i still dislike the concept.

    we also had a marketing professional at our sb party, and she said the reasons companies are doing this is because (to nilsa's point) brand recognition/retention is so bad from those super-pricey commercials: folks remember the commercial, just not what it was for. so companies think more exposure is the way to go.


  8. I completely agree. Where's the fun anymore? As much as I love the internet and social media, it really takes away from the excitement!

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  11. I personally thought it was a good game. Especially towards the end, it was very intense. I thought.

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