I love Bravo TV

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My handsome boyfriend CK and I have a lot in common, we agree on all the big issues, we're good to each other, take care of each other, make each other laugh, think each other is dreamy and would rather be together then not be together.

I'm lucky to have him.

But while we may agree on 95% of things there's one glaring issue in our otherwise great relationship that will probably never be mended...

My love of Bravo TV.... much to CK's dismay.

On any given day Bravo is probably playing on my television 75% of the time. It could be a rerun of an episode of the Real Housewives of New York from two years ago, a Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion show or Top Chef - anything really. I'm watching it if it's on Bravo.

Half the time channel 237 is just playing as background noise while I'm working/blogging/talking on the phone/getting ready for bed - I mean who wouldn't want Andy Cohen to talk them to sleep every night on Watch What Happens Live?

Additionally, the excitement I had over the season premiere of Bethenny Ever After this past Monday night was ridiculous. I'm kinda sorta obsessed with Bethenny and CK hates it - I think she's awesome, a wickedly smart business woman, absolutely hysterical and above all real.

CK? Not so much, in fact I don't even want to type what he says about her. (Don't worry Bethenny, I got your back)

Confession #1: I'd totally wait in line to see Bethenny speak, sign a book, dance with a bottle of Skinny Girl Sangria, whatever - I'm there.

Confession #2: I was at a wedding this past October with Bethenny's assistant Julie, I chatted with her for approximately 2.5 minutes and was saddened by how not so nice she came off. I truly hope she was just bombed and really not that condescending on a regular basis.

Moving on.

I supposed when you boil this post down and we are talking relationship deal breakers I think it's safe to say my obsession with all things Bravo isn't going to ruin my relationship. That is as long as CK doesn't ever have to worry about "a cobweb situation"...

I love Bravo TV and I don't care who knows it.


  1. We could quite possibly be living parallel lives (with our likes and our men's likes/dislikes).

  2. this is a battle my husband and i fight (not really obv) on a daily basis. HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE BRAVO? HOW COULD YOU NOT LIVE BETHENNY?

    Also - that saddens me about Julie.

  3. Bravo is the only reason I would ever consider getting cable again. I kinda wish I could *just* get Bravo!

  4. Love Bethenny too! Matt prob says the same things as your man. He constantly says he doesn't understand how Jason puts up with her. And while I do think she's dramatic and over the top, she's hysterical, AND she's confident and and oozes a charisma I'd love to have. Rock on Bethenny!

  5. Bravo is the reason I have 2 DVRs. I pretend that my husband doesn't know about my addiction. Since WWHL went 5 nights a week I sleep like a baby, thank you Andy Cohen!

  6. if bethenny has a book signing, i will be there in a hot second with you.

    i feel like we'd be friends.

  7. the wifebot also has that stuff on just about 80% of the time. It pains me greatly.

  8. i can't get enough of bravo...and a certain housemate thinks it's the devil. thank god we have multiple TVs #firstworldproblems

  9. I fight with my wife over it too. I constantly say things like "The housewives are probably the lowest form of culture available today."

    I not only won't watch it, but I think it has a horrible negative impact on our culture at-large.

    My wife disagrees, obviously. :-)

  10. I completely echo everything you said except for one thing ... Bravo TV shows are never background noise in my house. I'm too obsessed with them - I must sit down and watch. If I want background noise, then my TV is probably on HGTV or TLC. =)

  11. Agree on all counts, especially about Andy and Bethenny. But I do watch some other things too.....as should you...ha.


  12. I love the show because of what therse 3 young men teach about being a real estate agent and how to work it. Bedding Style Coupons

  13. Thanks for backin' me up, Craig. Agree wholehartedly. I'm all for mindless diversion, but trash TV is a reinforcement of our basest cultural values. That's why I don't watch.

  14. I have to tell you something...

    Michael loves Bravo.

    Millionaire Matchmaker, Top Chef, Project Runway (back in the day), even the occasional RHOOC. Neither of us watch Bethenny (*hides in corner*)

    He will NOT, however, tolerate my obsession with Teen Mom 2. So I still get where you're coming from.

  15. i second that! i love all that is bravo!!

  16. I LOVE Bravo. No kidding, I automatically turn that channel on when I come home. And I watch just about every new show. They own my soul


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