If you talk about these things online it will automatically become annoyingly popular

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Based on my very active internet habit obsession I'm generally ahead of the general curve in regard to happenings on the world wide web.

That video you posted today? I may or may not have known about it last week.

This isn't always the case, of course, but I'll say 8 times out of 10 I've already seen X internet piece before people I graduated from high school (or my mom, or... you get the point) start sharing it on Facebook.

I'm not bragging, in all reality it's nothing to be all that proud of as it just means I spend entirely too much time online, but it's an occupational hazard - aka I get paid to keep up on the internet.

That being said I can create a list a mile long of internet things I'm beyond tired of, for example cats, but I'm smart enough to know I'm never going to win that battle.

(Side-note: have you see the video of domestic cats and dogs Lion King-ing? Hilarious, and the only cat video I will ever love.)

See what I just did there? I'm guilty too!

Anyways, while cruising Pinterest these last few days now that everyone in the world is on it (I've been pinning for over 6 months and if you're not on it you should be because it's awesome), I'm noticing that people really enjoying pinning/sharing/tweeting/etc about a small handful of things incessantly and thanks to my fellow fed-up online friends I've come up with a list.

Talk about these things online and it will automatically become annoyingly popular:

1. Red Velvet
"OMG, red velvet pancakes, smoothies, bread, cheesecake, hair dye - to die for."

2. Chalkboard Paint
"Every wall in my kitchen is going to be covered with chalkboard paint now, it's going to be great to be able to plan my weekly dinner menu and plan for my upcoming marathon run training schedule"

3. Mustaches
"I bet if I put this mustache decal on the wall over my babies crib it'll make him extra manly and cute!"

4. Birds, or better yet Owls, or better yet French Bulldogs, or a whale...
"Look at this animal being an animal cutely illustrated"

5. Nutella
"Just add it to anything it will become better - nutella is the new peanut butter"

6. Mason Jars
"I bet if I drill a hole in this jar, add a candle and some twine I bet I could get rid of all the lamps in my house"

7. Bacon
"Bacon chewing gum? AWESOME"

8. Cupcakes or better yet, Cake Pops (just put a stick in it)
"EVERYTHING should be turned into a cupcake, even these ham and eggs, it's what a muffin tin was made for"

9. Long Wavy Hair
"If I tilt my head at a 45 degree angle, while holding a flat iron, have a second person insert bobby pins, and use organic hairspray I can totally look like Zoe Deschanel"

10. Your turn, what am I missing? What online trend are you just over seeing?

Additionally (and I tweeted about this yesterday), I've decided that if someone makes a red velvet cake with nutella icing in the shape of a mustache the internet would explode.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some more internet trolling to do...


  1. You're always so smug and cocky and this post about how you know the Internet better than everyone seems to be an all time low. Hats off.

  2. Dear Anonymous...

    1. Grow a pair and stop hiding behind the internet.
    2. This entire post is half sarcastic., I'm sorry there's not a font for that.
    3. I'm allowed to be confident about my profession, I'm sure you're confident in whatever profession you do.
    4. If I'm so "smug and cocky" why is my blog the first thing you view on the internet every morning around 7am? I sure don't read things online that early in the morning that I don't like.
    5. Have a great day!

  3. Ha! Yesterday one of my favorite food blogs posted a recipe for Nutella cookies and today it's a red velvet cheesecake. You might be on to something here...

  4. oh my god, this is hilarious and SO VERY VERY TRUE.

  5. I agree with the red velvet and nutella trend, so annoying. What drives me nuts are the "thinspiration" pins. "Eat Less!" "One day!" Ughhh.

  6. I'm pretty sure everything you listed I just repined on Pinterest, LOL!

  7. I would like to add:
    1. "Artwork" Fingernails- who has the time to do this/keep it up (like Zooey D's tuxedo nails at the Globes)
    2. All foods in mini form
    3. Inspirational Quotes- same quote with different authors and no one knows the difference....

  8. Alexa I couldn't agree more! I love pinterest because you can create your own mood boards but sometimes - especially when they involved owls, mason jars and glitter - I get a little turned off. And the truth is I love all of those things! Either way, people need to remember Pinning isn't always about re-pinning, but finding your own voice and style. Get out there and find the next big thing! (which probably involves the color Tangerine...)

  9. I'm so dying my long wavy hair red velvet (all while eating a nutella filled cake pop)!

  10. I'm juat glad long wavy hair is popular. Straightening it is too much work! ;)

  11. So I am interpreting re: this post that I can continue to tweet about Peanut Butter and be considered "old school"?

  12. I might be partially to blame about the chalkboard paint thing. Sorry. I'm paid to do it. I swear. It's not by choice. Can I go out on a limb and say you forgot "pregnancy photo shoots" or whatever the hell they're called? or "baby bump" pictures?
    By the way, the eggs and bacon in the cupcake tin is pretty tasty. And I'm a total culprit of pinning "inspirational" quotes. Oops.

  13. Wow, anonymous. (slow clap). Way to be an unoriginal troll. In fact, that's one thing I'm tired of seeing -- unoriginal, anonymous trolls.

    I know this isn't Pinterest-related, but I am so, so, so, so sick of the "shit .... says" videos. The shit my dad says was hilarious. The shit girls say was funny. Every other one since then has been trite and unoriginal.

    I'm not into crafty things, so I get tired of seeing crafty things pinned on Pinterest that the pinner obviously will never ever attempt. Or if she does attempt it, there's no way she's going to pull it off.

  14. Wouldn't say I'm "over seeing" it, but one of the biggest online trends is the internet's meta commentary on itself. Which I don't mind, really. We're a hyper self-aware generation I guess.

    Yes, I'm aware that pointing this is another level of meta.

  15. OMG - Jen is right with the pregnant photos! What IS with that?

    And all the things people say videos - housewives, fashionistas, girls say to trainers. seen them.

  16. Ooooh, thanks for posting this list. Now I have zero need to join Pinterest, because you just told me everything I need to know!

    (PS - I'll add Pinterest to the list of other social media outlet, Twitter cough cough, that I refuse to join!!)

  17. In total agreement with Jen's comment!

  18. I still dont get twitter, and i certainly havnt found the joy in pinterest.

    I think I am in my mid-life crisis...going...down...

  19. i seriously live online too so i always laugh when my father-in-law emails about a video or article i saw weeks ago. it happens oh so often and always makes me giggle.

    also, to add to that list: shit anyone says. the first three were cute. and now we must stop. although i don't think anyone is pinning them i just want them to stop, haha.

  20. I find that many of these things are evergreen online popular. Bacon, red velvet and mason jars will always get people chattin'

  21. I seriously do not get the mustache thing...

  22. I think Ryan Gosling is also popular on Pinterest.

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