the perfect combination weekend

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This past weekend was the perfect combination of relaxation, family time and partying.

Thursday started off with dinner in my neighborhood with CK at XYZ the Tavern before we headed east to check out the Grateful Dead tribute band Into the Blue at Beachland Ballroom. The band was definitely good but I quickly realized I don't know as many Grateful Dead songs as I thought I did. There was lots of hippie dancing, the aroma of pot and glow sticks - yes, glow sticks.

Friday evening I stayed in, all alone, with only my DVR as my date - it. was. very. awesome.

Saturday morning I headed to Canton for the baptism of baby Olympia, the daughter of good friends of the family, at my home church of St. Haralambos. The reception was at the Canton Women's Club where I got to visit with my Dad's side of the family and essentially just stare at my godson Bobby.

Olympia being baptized and my little godson Bobby being beyond adorable - he's almost crawling!

Saturday night was girls night out with lots of my favorite gal pals at Southside in Tremont where we laughed, cried and generally just caught up on each others lives. Before Southside though I kidnapped MOB and Ahmed and we drank a few rounds at Prosperity Social Club - ya know, just to warm-up.

The two sides of the table at our "GNO", my friends really are the best.

After dinner we marched a few blocks down to Hotz's Cafe, where if you haven't been, you're missing out. It's the dive bars, dive bar with a shuffleboard table and the best jukebox around. More friends (and Hotz virgins) came and met us on "the dance floor" - the GNO suddenly became co-ed and all was well in the world.

That leather coat on the top left? That just screams 'merica. That pic on the bottom left? Please excuse Kpoor's "M.I.A. moment" before there even was an "M.I.A. moment".

Sunday (aka Super Bowl Sunday) was spent purchasing a handful of Jason Wu items from Target, and cooking some apps to take over Hartzell's place in Battery Park for a very low key get together - unbeknownst to the guests in attendance it was also Hawaiian themed, go figure.

Nothing says Hawaii more than slamming some cold ones and watching football....

Confession: I may have worn a lei for a small amount of time.

The two apps I made for the small gathering were both found on Pinterest. The left is puff pastry stuffed with avocado, cream cheese and salsa and the right are Hawaiian sweet roll ham sandwiches - no I did not know of the Hawaiian theme prior to making these delicious sammies. And finally, please note the Pagezell's wearing leis.

All in all I couldn't have asked for a better weekend, other than maybe winning the $200 million Powerball drawing on Saturday - hey, there's always Wednesday.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. Love Pinterest for recipes! Those puff pastry's look delicious! I've made the Hawaiian sweet roll sandwiches before and they were a HIT!

  2. Love Pinterest for recipes! Those puff pastry's look delicious! I've made the Hawaiian sweet roll sandwiches before and they were a HIT!

  3. I'm pretty sure my weekends stopped starting on Thursdays when I graduated college and got a real, big-girl job. You're my hero for your ability to party during the week. =)

  4. @nilsa... please note i then stayed in on friday - hahahaha.

  5. those recipes look so good, definitely taking note!

    & yay cute babies and their adorableness.

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  7. Those avocado puff pastry things sound so good!

  8. The girl can cook. This much I know.

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