running through my head

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random things that are currently going through my mind on the eve of my first day at my new job:

1. What if I'm not as smart as they think I am?

2. Did I make the right decision, can I do this?

3. What "sensible" shoes am I going to wear tomorrow?

4. Thank god I bought those two new black work dresses yesterday, because after cleaning out my closet tonight I'm nervous that the other 8 aren't going to be enough. (sarcastic thought, natch)

5. I wish I wasn't sick during the majority of my freedom days between jobs.

6. How am I going to remember everyone's names?

7. I'm going to be doing what I already know how to do, just somewhere else. I'm going to be doing what I already know how to do, just somewhere else. I'm going to be doing what I already know how to do, just somewhere else.

8. What if working with Lzone doesn't go as smoothly as we hope?

9. Where are my tweezers?

10. This pizza sure is taking awhile to get delivered, the diet definitely starts tomorrow.

11. The 14th floor is really high up.

12. There's going to be a lot more experience in the room than I'm used to, I'm going to be one of the youngest verse one of the oldest....

13. I hope I can sleep tonight.

14. I can do this, LET'S DO IT.


  1. Good luck tomorrow and I can't wait to see the wall tweets!! And let's do lunch once you're settled in!! XO

  2. You can do it. As a friend and client, good luck and knock 'em dead!

  3. Very exciting. Have a great day today!!!

  4. Just be yourself and they'll LOVE you!! Good luck!

  5. thinking of you'll be fab!

  6. They are lucky to have you! You'll do fantastic! XO

  7. No luck necessary, you'll be great.

  8. hopefully, all those thoughts went away the minute you walked in the door and owned your new position!

    The mind is a tricky thing! If only we could do away with worry!!

  9. Good luck at the new job! You're going to do great :)

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  11. It seems that almost all the time I have an internal monologue running through my head, like in the show Scrubs, except mine is constant.
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  12. I know I'm late to the game, but I hope Day One & all the days after have gone splendidly so far!


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