Sickness + an evening in Lakewood + Reggae Brunch

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As I mentioned in my last post I'm in the middle of an exciting job transition which, lucky for me, means a few days off in between ending the old and starting the new - last Friday, yesterday, today and tomorrow to be exact.

It's a wonderful thing... when you're healthy.

I've been a sicky-poo for nearly a week now and while thankfully I'm feeling better I ended up not leaving my house from Thursday night after my last day at t::t till Saturday night completely wasting my first "freedom week" day of Friday - which isn't going to make this the most interesting recap post.

Friday brought Romeo's Pizza (um, YUM!) for dinner with CK and his little one at my house where we ate, watched a movie and played dress up - pretty standard Friday night in.

Saturday, still not feeling the best was spent on my couch before rallying for dinner with CK at Jammy Buggars in Lakewood - if you haven't been you should check this place out, good food and beer selection and the Harvest Salad I had for dinner was super tasty.

After dinner we headed to Deagan's for my friend Katrina's (aka Bite Buff) birthday party - good times had by all, even if we didn't make it to Tina's. Next time, Katrina, next time.

Me and Courtney with bunny ears courtesy of Alana and Seanski, me, Alana, Katrina and Courtney.

We called it a semi-early night on Saturday because a full day was planned for Sunday - a full day of Reggae music to be more specific.

Sunday was the annual Reggae Brunch featuring Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band at Parkview Nite Club, the fabulous dive(ish) bar with great food in the Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood. A group including myself, CK, JoeG and Pagezell meet to actually participate in the brunch part of Reggae Brunch at 11am and when you consider Carlos didn't go on until 3pm and we didn't leave the bar until almost 8pm it was a long, glorious, happy, and reggae filled snowy Sunday in Cleveland.

AJP, me and Muffin enjoying our Red Stripes and Reggae Brunch at the Parkview.

After our day of fun at the Parkview the Pagezell's, CK and I picked up pizza from Papa Nick's (that's two dinners of pizza in one week if you're keeping count) and headed to my house for Grammy watching and falling asleep on the couch - it was the end to a perfect day.

Monday, oh Monday, was shop till I drop day as I needed to pick up some new threads for this new job as my current wardrobe doesn't exactly scream "professional" - I'd say I had a successful trip has I had to make not one, but two package drop offs to my car so I could continue shopping. Nordstrom, Gap and J. Crew? You're welcome.

And now as I'm typing this and catching up on my DVR I'm a happy girl - today is Valentine's Day after all and I can't wait to spend the evening with my main squeeze, my love, and my handsome Valentine CK.

Happy Valentine's Day, you crazy kids, you - go kiss someone you love!


  1. Sad we missed you guys Saturday night!
    Happy Valentines Day, girlie!

  2. what a great weekend!

    shop til you drop!

  3. bunny ears. i'm totally normal.

    enjoy your short freedom week!


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