All my friends + all the fishes makes me a happy plum

Monday, March 12, 2012

I had the best weekend, you guys. It must have been the weather, or the company, or the friends, or the drinks, or the food, or the....

You get the point.

Friday night CK and I headed over to our friends Patti and Anthony's new house in Bay Village for a good old fashioned house party. All my Dayton connection besties in Cleveland were in attendance and while CK and I had every intention of going to see Zoso at HOB once the wine was flowing, and the good times were being had how could we leave?!?

Little Vera and Foxxy + Rose peaking at what her mom, Patti is serving (SO adorable) + our hosts Anthony and Patti + Poo Poo (visiting from Chicago), Jesse and Muffin

All the girls in attendance (minus a very preggers Jilly who had just left) tried to be serious and take a group shot, as you can tell from above that didn't work very well. I mean, tebowing? Oh, Poo Poo. That's Foxxy, me, MOB, Beaver, Muffin, Patti, Poo Poo and Melinda for the record.

Saturday during the day CK and I brunched at Grumpy's Cafe in Tremont, shopped at Steelyard Commons and chilled out before the fun of Saturday night was to begin.

A group of friends, including Seanski, Nugget, Reena, Jody, Becky, Tim, JoeG, Katherine and me and CK took over a massive table at Lava Lounge in Tremont for dinner and drinks. Man do I love me some Lava, it's always good food, moderately prices and tasty drinks - check it out if you haven't.

After dinner the whole group headed to Ohio City for Janet's 30th birthday party at ABC the Tavern - so many friends in attendance and Makers Mark was flowing. Mmmm, bourbon.

Jody, Reena, Tim and Becky being awesome + the birthday girl Janet and Moe + Seanski, being Seanski and JoeG not drinking...

Sunday the gorging on food continued (as I'm starting a biggest loser competition at work today) with brunch at Luxe. I had the grilled cheese which may or may not have changed me life, I'm dreaming about it already - gruyeye, avocado, bacon, tomato, mmmmm.

After brunch CK, his little one, and I headed to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium for some fun with the fishes. WE HAD A BLAST. The entire visit was amazing, the staff was beyond friendly, the kids were having a blast plus it was educational. The best part was the shark tube and the creepiest part was everything having to do with eels, omg, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it - but they were cool to see.

Adults and kids alike will love the Aquarium, as it's such a great addition to Cleveland and I highly recommend everyone check it out! To get a feel for the place, check out this video documenting opening weekend.

CK, his little one and me getting our photo snapped upon walking into the aquarium. I'll give you one guess as to who's idea it was to make fish faces.... ME. Also, I laughed so hard at this pic that I had to buy it - we look so ridiculous, I love it.

The touch pool + SHARKS! + pretty fishes!

CK staring at some of the creepy eels + manta ray, swimmin' + crocodiles, chillin' + me in a giant ancient shark jaw, natch

Sunday was such a beautiful day in Cleveland we headed to Edgewater Park after the Aquarium for "rock climbing" and gorgeous views of Downtown Cleveland.

I really like it here, I think I'll stay.

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. I want your friends' house. Seriously. That entertaining area is full of awesome.

    Love the photo of y'all at the aquarium. I swear, aquariums make for the best photos (one of my favorites of Sweets and Gavin was taken at an aquarium, too). Must be something about those swirls of blue, teal and green in the background!

  2. Oh yay! So glad you liked the aquarium. I was at the opening gala and live super close (like close enough I can look out my window and see all the people lined up outside!) You were smart to go on Sunday because Saturdays get so busy.

  3. What a perfect weekend. Fun fun fun!

  4. i may just have to venture to the aquarium, ive been in SC and VA bch, and it just seemed right at the ocean so im still skeptical about one in our backyard..

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