bare legs in March, because I can

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The weather has been crazy warm yet I refuse to put my AC on yet - it's March, not gonna happen, guys.

What did just happen this morning though is that I didn't put tights on under my dress. I thought about it but just as I was putting them on Hollie Strano from WKYC said, "It's going to be 80 degrees!" ---- annnnnnnnnnnnnd I immediately took them off.

My legs are as bare as the day I was born.

Good thing I got a spray tan recently.

Bring. On. Spring.

(and then the summer and the lake!)


Next step, open toes shoes to work.

Happy Thursday, kids!


  1. Where do you get your spray tan done? I'm in need of one! This pastey skin has got to go.

  2. I wore sandals to work all week. It wasn't until today, thursday, while enjoying some sunshine out on the deck on a break, that I realized....i have the most unfortunate looking feet.

    I tried to make myself feel better cus I run alot, but really? I need to get on the pedicure bandwagon...stat!

    we've had awesome weather. and I too, refuse to use the a/c. it's way too soon!

  3. i wanted to wear a sundress to work today... but i have not shaved my legs :)

  4. seriously i'm so ready for summer, it's just the best. as is open toed shoes, or in my case, sandals, every day, haha.

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