Cleveland knows St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The day that was St. Patrick's Day 2012 in Cleveland was everything I could have asked for. The friends, the weather, the car bombs, ya know, the important things.

Before 11am I biked (yay bikes are back in season!!) over to my friends Jess and Silk's Brian's house in Ohio City for a traditional and delicious Irish breakfast. As an added bonus my biking partner in Mrs Carmody (visiting the CLE from STL) was the best day-o-fun kick off addition, I mean what better of a St. Pat's could I ask for than spending the day with one of my favorite UD buddies?!?!?

As more and more friends came to the breakfast house party it really was starting to remind me of any sunny Saturday in the UD ghetto - oh, college, sweet sweet college. Good to know ten years later I can still hang.

Porch party in Ohio City!

The fun continued with two of the coolest siblings around Brian and Anne + Mrs Carmody and her best friend Biggie + Mrs Carmody doing some sort of Irish beer chug + Mrs Carmody posing with the new(ish) engaged couple of Brent and Anne!

In the early afternoon the whole lot of us biked over to Tremont to continue our celebrations at the Lincoln Park Pub - it was perfect. Not too crowded (unlike the downtown madness) and the Irish Car Bombs were flowing, it's like a milkshake guys.

Biking in one line is for suckers as we just dominated W14th. Additionally McKenna and I also dominated the chairs on the LPP's patio - it was a trend, much like Becky and Liz being adorable.

Becky, myself, Mrs. Carmody and Anne at LPP having the time of our lives, can't you tell?!?

It was right around here though that I stopped taking pictures... I can tell you what I did though (for the most part).

Biked over to Ahmed's in Tremont where too many of my good friends to list out were congregated in his fabulous backyard for fun in the sun and beer drinking. I must admit that playing with Bo and Babs's son Christopher was the highlight though.

When it was time to pack up Ahmed's it was now nightfall and a group of us biked over to The Harp to catch a set of the Boys From County Hell on the patio - it was packed and I couldn't even see the band but it was good times. We weren't done yet though as the Pagezell's and I headed to The ParkView, I didn't last long though, but that was probably for the best as I biked my ass home.

I'd say that 12 hours of Irish fun was more than enough.

I already can't wait till next year.

Happy Tuesday, kids and if you need me I'll be at the Q with thousands of my friends cheering on The Black Keys - yesssssssssssssssssssss.


  1. does your bike have a basket you carried beer in?

  2. bikes on parade! sounds like a wonderful st. patty's day. love it.

  3. this summer, I'm going to get over my fear of traffic- this sounds so fun!

  4. im sincerely impressed you could bike under the influence. I cant even walk! we had an awesome saturday for st. patty's day in Ohio!! Couldn't have asked for a lovlier day! sounds like you had a blast!

  5. The highlight of Christopher's day was playing with your chest/necklace!

  6. I am shocked by the so called domaination of the chair on the LPP patio. Never in a million years would I ever expect you to sit on a chair like that. Did your mom see this? haha. love ya. looks like you had fun, so jealous of your porch party!

  7. I don't want to sound like a scold, but biking under the influence is a crime. It is considered a DUI. Also, you should not ride side by side. It's cool you had to endanger yourself, your friends, and strangers to have a fun St. Patrick's day. You should be very proud.


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