Fun with google searches

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arriving home after a day filled with staff presentations, successful client pitches, productive volunteer committee meetings, drinks with a wonderful friend and goodnight conversations with the man you love it's hard not to think that you finally have your shit together.

That is until you realize that the blog you write garners web traffic from Google search engine hits like the following....

This is straight from my blog search term analytics, and it's hilarious.

Inappropriate boner?

Yeah, sounds about right.

Happy Thursday, kids!



    When is a boner NOT appropriate?

    No, seriously. I kind of need to know ASAP.

  2. The stuff that leads them to the Owner's Manual curls my toes.


    Thanks for dropping by my place, A!

  3. I think when you get a blog hit from inappropriate can say you have finally made it.

    congratulations! your time has come!!

  4. I'm wondering if it'll be wise to continue this relationship.. Please, give me some advice..

  5. Hey Alexa,

    I'm looking for bloggers in Cleveland for an upcoming event. Shoot me an email if you can.


  6. Whoops, that's my bad. I was doing some late night searching and...well you know

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  10. way to make that boner feel self conscious. Also this week a search for "masturbating while chicken pox" brought someone to my blog.

  11. Aha, that is what we call fun. I love these funny tricks. Will you be posting more :) David, fat loss

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