it was the freakin' weekend and baby, i had me some fun

Monday, March 26, 2012

This is one of those weekends where I need to remind myself via foursquare check ins everywhere I was, aka a sign of a good weekend.

Thursday: happy hour (and dinner) with Moe, Janet, Seanski, CK and Mark on the Stone Mad patio in my 'hood. If you haven't experienced their patio, you're missing out - fire place, fountain, tables and chairs made of stone - it's awesome.

Friday: headed to a tip of the "Viagra Triangle", aka Panini's in Westlake, for a surprise birthday party for "Three Old Dudes" who are turning 35 in the coming days. My initial thought going into this party is when the hell did I get friends that are 35.... but as I'm about to turn 32 in the upcoming months this whole "old dudes" shit is inevitable.

The very surprised "Three Old Dudes" - timmybennett, biondi and #keithisangry

AJP and JV + the Klutz, Martha and Muffin + a vintage Ford Bronco limo found in the parking lot, let me repeat that... A FORD BRONCO LIMO.

Saturday: a day of fun with CK to say the least. We started with breakfast at Bonbon Pastry & Cafe in Ohio City where a monkey bread muffin changed my life and the breakfast was beyond good. I've had lunch a few times at Bonbon and it was delicious, but the brunch (and pastries) really did shine.

CK's traditional Irish breakfast special and my breakfast tacquitos + a shot of the nicely designed menu

Saturday continued with CK and I spending sometime at the gem that is The Cleveland Museum of Art, as a newly minted museum member I wanted to check out the Rembrandt in America Exhibit which totally exceed my expectations. My thing with art is that yes, I enjoy looking at it but what I enjoy the most is the history of it all, where it came from, who the sitter is, etc, and the Rembrandt exhibit did all of that for me. Go check it out!

No pics where allowed to be taken in the Rembrandt exhibit but I snapped some while walking the rest of the museum - that lady is my favorite piece in the museum for some reason, I'm obsessed with her + massive angelic pieces + CK getting his impressionist art on

After the museum CK and I had an early dinner at Brennan's Colony in Cleveland Heights which serves what God would even consider the best bar food around. After the Colony we tried to go to VTR but no seats were available (even at 7pm) so we bellied up to the bar at Bistro on Lincoln Park in Tremont while Pagezell and JV dined.

Plans to head to Ohio City to meet some beautiful friends got derailed as we made our final stop of the night at Flying Monkey where MOB met up with the group which is always a bonus in my book.

Sunday: a quick brunch at XYZ the Tavern with CK and then a movie (The Hunger Games), shopping and Menchie's afternoon in Crocker Park with MOB and Beaver was a perfect ending to my weekend. Also, I see what all the fuss is about surrounding The Hunger Games - it was sweet, and I officially now need to read the books to see how it ends.

And that's a wrap on the last full weekend in March, which is crazy in and of itself.

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. I saw you twice this weekend! I hope this means we're getting back to our regularly scheduled friendship.

    I have the Hunger Games books. You can borrow them!

  2. Nice how you followed up a Fri night trip to the Viagara Triangle and that Ford Bronco limo (OJ would be proud) with a Sat trip to Bonbon and the art museum. Way to class it up!

  3. My friend DJ's at the Panini's and he's always trying to get me to go. I have resisted so far. But if you plan on going back, I might change my mind!

  4. crystal, if your friend is the DJ that was spinning on Friday we LOVED him. it was apparent that he was playing to the 30 something crowd and bringing out the oldies but goodies with the new songs. we definitely danced.

  5. I did not know Bronco limos existed, but now I feel it is my mission to locate one and ride in it.

  6. i knew i shgould have come up to panini's - a bronco limo?!?! impressive!

  7. my friend kyle would love the ford bronco limo considering he just bought a white bronco. you know, the one that OJ simpson drove around in.

  8. What a fun weekend! I'm dying to check out Bon Bon...every picture I see from there makes me crave it more. And the patio at Stone Mad is great. Can you believe it's patio weather though?!

  9. seriously love weekends like this, so much going on and love that you have foursquare to remind you. i just ask matt "what did we do friday??" haha.

  10. mmm bon bon, avocado and black beans on a tortilla? that looks bomb!!!!

  11. Vintage ford bronco limo? Who knew?! I am impressed. I love wandering around art museums. Glad that you enjoyed your weekend, as you always seem to do

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  13. I'm really focused on those tacos, which looks amazing.

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