'twas a family fun weekend in the CLE

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Before I get into the weekend recap I have a couple housekeeping items to discuss.

1. Congrats to Alana who won the pair of tickets to see Cirque du Soleil Dralion at the Wolstein Center - sad you didn't win? You can still purchase tickets online here to one of their 7 Cleveland performances.

2. The lovely Cleveland Magazine decided to pick 32 of Cleveland's best and brightest bloggers for a March Madness style "Nothing But Net" blogger bracket competition. Cleveland's a Plum is fittingly in the lifestyle blogger group and I would really appreciate your vote, which you can do here. Thanks in advance for your time, because this blog is nothing if not a labor of love - it's not always fun, it's not always easy, but the pros always outweigh the cons and I keep coming back for you guys. So, thanks! Now, vote ;)

And now, to the weekend.

It wasn't exactly the traditional going out, dining out and champagne drinking weekend that I'm used to. Nope, this weekend was chock full of family friendly and fun activities which was ok by me considering I had lots of adult play time during the work week.

Friday, my plans of attending Allison's birthday party at Battery Park Wine Bar were squashed once I came home to my supposedly fixed windows leaking, AGAIN. Thanks to the rain on the inside of my house my mood was not suitable for anyone, so I stayed in. Actually as I type this I'm still fuming, but all I can do is call my contractor, right? And the saga continues....

Saturday though made up for it as a wonderful day was spent with CK and his little one where we lunched at Aladdin's in Crocker Park, saw The Lorax with Cara, Keith and their little one, and munched on Menchie's.

By the time CK and his little one got back to my house my Mom was in the driveway and more visiting commenced as we Just Danced and painted nails till we worked up an appetite. The "party" continued at Latitude 41N for dinner and then my Mom and I headed to Capitol Theater to take in a showing of The Artist, better late then never right?

Sunday brought more family fun time as CK and the little one headed South to spend some time with my family in Canton. We went to church, but not my normal Greek Orthodox one, we went to Faith Family Church - a "mega church" to say the least, something I've never experienced, something totally different then I'm used to but it wasn't bad. If my cousins Cathi and Greg like it, it's worth a visit so we did and I didn't hate it (surprisingly).

Brunch at Samantha's, visiting my Mom at Arhaus Furniture and cooking CK this fancy brandied peach pork chop dinner rounded out the day. With the peach sauce looking like this, you know it was good.

I told you it was family fun weekend. Too bad I can't share all my fun pictures, sigh.

That being said, I can assure you I'll be back to my normal raucous self this upcoming weekend.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. your windows again?? omg that is so effin ridiculous - im so sorry you need to keep dealing with that :( we missed you but I completely understand!!

  2. We were so glad you guys came...we know it's a haul to get there, but maybe we could meet up once a month! Favorite moments were a certain little one singing, raising hands, and asking for prayer:).... Oh to be like a little kid just ready to jump in and enjoy it all...we get so cynical and jaded as we age don't we???? Well here's to spending some great time together....btw...voted for you (of course) . Love you G and C

  3. yay! so excited we won. thanks, friend!

  4. I can't believe your stupid fracking mofo windows are still a problem. What is so earth shattering complicated about CORRECTLY installing windows, so the rain stays outside??? Good grief! I'm just glad to hear they only put a damper on your Friday night plans and not the entire weekend. =)

  5. What is up w. these stupid windows?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

  6. sounds like a lovely busy weekend (minus the stupid window)! also don't you just hate when you don't have a photo from your weekend? it always perturbs me if i forget, ha.

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