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Friday, April 13, 2012

It's finally here! It's finally here!

I think you all know where I'll be on Saturday night as I've only been talking about it for months now....THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME 2012 INDUCTION CEREMONY!!!

Granted, I have arguably some of the worst seats in the place, but I don't care, I'm in the door. I'll just watch all the highlights on HBO in May if I need to.

It's going to be awesome.

Now, what bars should I hit up to stalk celebrities at? 

Decisions, decisions.

Happy Friday, kids!


  1. ritz carlton hotel bar. for sure.

  2. there is nothing like celebrity stalking! I'm sad that Axel had to be a douche and not participate...really?

  3. I do believe. Or, go for a walk in a park or the woods after a snow storm and ask her then.

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