I like staying home

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some of you, ahem Nilsa, think that all I do is go go go.

And while some of the time that is very true, for once instead of recapping my weekend I'm going to let you all in on how I spend a night on the couch (last night in fact) with my trusty laptop and household chores.

It's going to be sexy, get ready.

- load the dishwasher
- book a hotel room at the Inn at Hillbrook for MOB's wedding weekend
- eat a bowl of honey nut cheerios
- check twitter, facebook and instagram
- separate my laundry and put a load in
- shop for bathing suits for the my upcoming trip to Florida, fill up various website shopping carts
- check twitter, facebook and instagram
- shop for dresses for my upcoming trip to Florida, fill up various website shopping carts
- switch laundry
- eat a popsicle
- buy a wedding gift from Crate & Barrel 
- buy eight bathing suits from various websites and promise yourself you'll return six of them
- check twitter, facebook and instagram
- fold laundry
- pluck my eyebrows 
- eat another popsicle
- watch Bridesmaids on HBO
- check twitter, facebook and instagram
- crack a beer, because i can

My couch makes an excellent beer bottle holder 
- write this blog
- fold laundry
- check twitter, facebook and instagram
- go to bed

This is my life during the week when I'm all by my lonesome and just need to get shit done... like a boss.


Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. Sounds like every weekday for me. Welcome to the old lady club! :)

  2. my life. except add a crazy toddler and a lot less sleep probably.

  3. My dream has come true to be mentioned on your blog ... though, ummm, I wasn't quite imagining it in this context. hahaha.

    BTW, is that a Summer Shandy peaking out from the couch? Mmmmmmmm!

    Glad to see your a little human one day a week. ha.

  4. why hello summer shandy! I love that beer - summer in a bottle.

  5. that picture seriously made me laugh last night when i saw it, way to be resourceful, ha.

  6. I look forward to these days myself!

  7. If you spent as much time worrying about yourself as you did about you're blog imagine how much better you'd be. Truth.

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  9. I love this! With everyone being so go-go-go, decompressing and spending a night at home is such a wonderful thing.

  10. Ha, love nights like this too. And hooray for beer holder couch!

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