mmmm, Graeter's

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A common phrase in writing is "write what you know", well I'm hear to tell ya I know a lil' somethin' somethin' about ice cream so I shall write about that today.

Recently I was sent a few pints of Graeter's, ya know, the Cincinnati based ice cream chock full of hunks of rich dark chocolate that is absolutely to die for? That Graeter's.

If you haven't heard of or tried Graeter's and you're close to a Giant Eagle you're officially in luck because Graeter's has officially landed at a Giant Eagle near you. Even better they will be handing out ice cream samples at Cleveland's Fabulous Food Show next weekend.


I promise I put my ice cream to good use --  D&E ice cream party anyone?

I think Cailtin loved her pint of Mint Chocolate Chip.

I'll take another pint of Black Raspberry Chip for myself please.

And I wonder why my metabolism hates me.

Happy Thursday, kids!

[disclosure: Graeter's kindly send me some complimentary ice cream in hopes of my helping to promote the brand - the opinions and every last drop of the ice cream that went directly to my thighs are mine, all mine]


  1. I don't eat ice cream a lot but if I do it has to be good. And Graeter's is good shit.

  2. oh my...i absolutely love graeter's ice cream! especially the black raspberry chip and you have me craving it now. my sister actually served graeter's at her wedding!!

  3. raspberry chip...mmm...

  4. Ohio really is fortunate to have so MANY great ice cream creators.

    Graeter's is wonderful, as are Jeni's, Toft's, Pierre's, UDF and Velvet...and those are just the bigger Ohio ones. cream doesn't sound too bad about now. :-)

  5. oh how i miss graeter's, seriously so so good.

  6. I miss ice cream. It use to be my #1 after partying night hangover cure. (besides a can of hormel chili, no beans, on top of a bag of ramon noodles, drained, and topped with cheese...omg, best hangover cure EVER!)

    if i can think of what i miss most about eating clean, it is ice cream, rootbeer floats, and chipotle. The chipotle finds its way in at least monthly though, there is only so much you can sacrifice!!

  7. It originated in Cincinnati, and it is the best ice cream in the world. Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney, or even Oprah.
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