Cocktails on the patio

Thursday, May 17, 2012

[While I'm away on vacation I'm having a couple of my bloggy friends pinch-hit for me here on the plum - first up the always fashionable and fabulous, Kimberly!]

Hi everyone. I'm Kimberly from cleveland. I blog about everything I'm smitten with, be it fashion, beauty, food or home. Thanks to Alexa for allowing me to guest post for her while she's off sunning herself. She probably has her feet in the sand sipping a tropical drink as we speak, so I thought it best to write about what I will be drinking while she's away.

Here in the CLE we love ourselves a patio. Be it on an unusually warm March day or the heat of summer, once that weather breaks we're outside. And while beer and wine are great, there's something about a cocktail on an awesome patio that just makes me swoon. 

Here are a few of my faves.

This is my #1 go-to summertime spot. Located in the heart of the Gordon Square, they have created a wonderful urban oasis with an outdoor bar that's known for spinning the best tunes. Stop in before a show at the Capitol, for Jazz Wednesdays or their Sunday bow-wow brunch and you won't be disappointed. My drink of choice is the Amrita with citrus infused vodka, white peach puree and lemonade. The Bloom is a close second with citrus vodka, lavender lemonade and blueberry puree. 

There's nothing quite like East 4th Street. And there's nothing quite like Greenhouse. Stop here anytime for the best people watching in the city. Locals and tourists collide here and Greenhouse has a front row seat. We all know how kick-ass the food is, but their cocktail list is crazy fun. Typically I like the Grapefruit 75. Kind of like the original with a super tart twist. But this year it will be the Sage Advice cocktail for me. Blending OYO vodka with burnt lemon, sage and walnuts, this has more of a sage smell than flavor and is the perfect summer sipper. The burnt lemon flavor really comes through with a hint of walnut.

Johnny Mango has been a CLE staple for over 15 years and their Cuban Mojitos bring all the boys and girls to the yard. The Mango has perfected the mojito. It's muddled to perfection and not overly sweet like some you'll find. Their street-side patio is as simple, easy and fun as the restaurant itself and provides a great backdrop to the food and drink they specialize in. Their drinks are available by the glass or in pitchers, so bring a few friends and hang out all afternoon. Their margaritas are also quite legendary.

Your Own Patio

Sometimes you make it home from work and there is no way you're going out. There is no way you're doing anything other than ordering takeout. This is Skinnygirl Margarita time. However, in my house it's always Skinnygirl Margarita time! I'm not typically a fan of the pre-mixed cocktail and this is my one exception. Mix with a 1/2 oz of Grand Mariner or Cointreau and add a few squeezes of lime and you're set. 

The Plum's Patio

I wouldn't be a good guest blogger if I didn't provide a little plum love. I'm so tired of using plums only in sangria. This Plum Sparkler from Martha Stewart is the best plum cocktail I've had in a long time. Serve up some of these on a Saturday afternoon, light the grill and toast to summer in the CLE. 

serves 10
(prepare in advance)
- Heat over medium heat 1 1/4 cups sugar and 1 1/2 cups water in a saucepan until sugar dissolves
- Bring to a boil, then stir in 8 plums (pitted and cut into wedges)
- Remove from heat and refrigerate until cold

(to serve)
- Fill glasses with ice
- Squeeze 1 lime wedge into each glass
- Stir in 1/4 cup plum syrup and 1 oz gin into each glass
- Add sparking water to fill, stir

The plum syrup, lime juice and gin can be combined in a pitcher for easy entertaining. Just fill glasses with desired amount and top off with sparkling water.


  1. Ooh...I want to head out right now to sip on one of these! Great spots! I also love the patio at Momocho...

  2. this was an amazing blog 'assignment' to have!

    how about a plum cocktail soon, plum?

  3. If all 'assignments' were this easy I'd be ridiculously productive :)

  4. Looking forward to the 80 degree weather this weekend -- I think the cuban mojito is calling my name.

  5. I want a Plum Cocktail, and several others of these! Your in charge of the beverages for my next get together...

  6. I have been a to Luxe several times but never actually on the patio. I know where I'm headed!

  7. The ultimate fruit drink without the alcohol. A Spring fever mocktail is perfect anytime of the day and is even better with fresh fruit juices.

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  8. One of my very favorite patios is at the Blue Canyon! I'm guessing you haven't been there yet b/c I think you would LOVE it too! Maybe we should have a blogger get together once the Plum is back in town : )

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  17. Cocktails on the patio sounds good on this cold winter night.

  18. I was generous with the one star. The ribs were so tough my daughter gave up on trying to scrape the meat off. Service lousy, and the "portion controls" on everything were not worth the price.. Fast food at it's worst. patio conversation sets

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