Happy birthday, stepho!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today is my Mom's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

And in honor of her awesomeness I'd like to share this video, created all the way back in 2009, that highlights some of her (and family member's) stupid human tricks.

Like, ya know, shoving frozen grapes in ones mouth....

While the whole video is great, if you pardon my ridiculous laughter in the background, I highly recommend you start at the 1 minute mark to really see my Mom in action.

And I wonder where I get it from?

Happy birthday Mom, you're the best lady I know.



  1. I am in shock and awe that you have put a reel of these clips together....and shared them with the world. There are no words.....but Happy Birthday Thea Steph!!....and hmmmm, good ideas are forming for all those priceless pics I have collected of you Miss Alexa;)

  2. this is a great video and happy birthday stepho!

  3. Well thanks for the birthday wishes! Not sure I am happy with you putting this "loveliness" for the world to see out there yet AGAIN!! Cathi is going to get you at some point reeeal good....ha...(reference first comment)! Love you, XO

  4. OMG, your mom is popping those grapes like a machine. Happy birthday, Alexa's mom!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom!! LOVE the snorting : )

    I may just try this in honor of my birthday today too!

  6. Watching your mom stuff grapes into her mouth about made me pee in my pants. TWENTY??? She must have hidden passages to her brain in there! hahaha. Happy birthday to your mama - she's so very lucky to have you as her kid!

  7. Happy belated, Stepho. You got real talent, kid.

  8. For the record, pork butt comes from the shoulder of the pig. Hams come from the "buttocks" of the pig.

  9. HILARIOUS! I love how serious your mom was about that, she was in the zone. And your laughter was the best part!


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