How was this the last weekend in April already?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hi guys, how's everyone doing this fine first day of May?

Me? Well, I'm enjoying coming down from yet another weekend of fun and friends in the town I call home.

After a very low key and relaxing work week at home I was ready for some fun come the weekend - cue Friday night fun with MOB.

We started off the dinner at one of the newest and finest establishments in my neighborhood, Spice Kitchen + Bar. We ate, we drank, we ran into neighborhood friends at the table next to us and enjoyed every morsel of our dinner. From the rhubarb mojito, to the mushroom beignets, to the nightly fish special and lemon tart for dessert, everything was wonderful. Go check it out, now!

Pan-seared Walleye + lentils + baby bok choy + chile miso sauce = AMAZING
After dinner, MOB and I headed to Public House in West Park to hangout with friends and most importantly enjoy MOB's fiancee Pete in all his glory - Lzone joined us too, I think she likes West Park best of all.

This is how Pete reserves a table at the Public House - such a thoughtful man.
 Saturday in Cleveland wasn't exactly the nicest day we've had this spring but it didn't matter, we had Muffin's 32nd birthday to celebrate!! It's funny though, it seems like Muffin's 30th birthday party was just yesterday.

The birthday festivities started around noon at the Clevelander and while we had tickets to the Indians game we were destined to stay at the bar and drink summer shandy due to a rain delay - we made due though :)

Three of my beautiful (and engaged) friends who are all getting married within the year(ish) - the klutz, MOB and Court + Aubrey modelling the scarf I got Muffin for her birthday + me and Muffin as we are all smiles for birthdays
 Around 4pm the rain had kind of stopped and it was time to play ball - so to the ballpark we went rain or shine. While the majority of us were in more traditional baseball garb my more stylish friends, Muffin and Court, weren't going to let the weather cramp their style - never.

Indians fashion from Muffin and Court + Tribe Time Now!
Post game the whole group of 15+ of us headed to Hodge's for some grub and cocktails - the food is still good, the staff are kinda cocky, but the food is still good. While the group continued to bar hop post-dinner I decided to head over to CK's for some quality time with my man and his little one.

Sunday brought wholesome fun in pie making, clothes shopping and dinner at a sub-par but really trying burger joint called The Rail at Summit Mall - I suppose I'm just spoiled by B-Spot.

A weekend filled with so many of my best friends will never be wrong in my book.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. I am still dreaming about that walleye!

  2. Now, that's more like it! I was getting worried about you when you spent an entire night checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was going to call the police to request a well-being check on you...

  3. glad the weather held out a bit for the game, i can't wait til my first dodger game of the year! oh how i love baseball season.

  4. lentils may be my new passion in life....i dont as for much!

    Other than that your weekend surpasses mine as I just cleaned. Kinda lame, but relaxing just the same!

  5. My boyfriend and I are both abroad and are looking for somewhere to meet the second weekend of April, preferably on the main island.

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  6. Gasp...I love The Rail. You must not have ordered the Brie L T sandwich and truffle fries!

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