melanie and bob's wedding in naples, part two

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's see, where did I leave off from my last post? Oh, the actual wedding part!

After quite the build up to the wedding festivities the actual wedding day was all we could have asked for. The big group of us lounged through the day at the pool before it was time to head to the church. 

Conveniently the church, St. Katherine Greek Orthodox, was very close to our hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, so we all put on our Florida wedding best and prepared for and headed to the ceremony.

The church was beautiful, and I loved it even more due to it sharing a name with my Yiayia (Katina) Catherine. 

Not to anyone's surprise I was essentially crying from the moment we got into the church - I can't help it, I'm a crier! And I've known Melanie for oh, her entire life, and when someone like that gets married I can't control myself - it's all good tears though because I'm so darn happy for Melanie and Bob.

Bob and Melanie getting their Greek Orthodox wedding on - how stunningly gorgeous is Melanie?!? Bob isn't too shabby either ;)

After the wedding we headed back to the Ritz where the wedding reception was being held - outdoor cocktail hour? Don't mind if I do. With wine spritzers and many glorious, glorious appetizers I was a happy girl - especially with this guy on my arm...

Me and my hot date CK, all spiffy and stuff.

Fun with my family at the cocktail hour - CK, Grog, Peter, Criseyda, Thea Joanna and Suzanne + Davida, me and Mara

Once the cocktail reception wrapped up it was time for the big show, we headed into the ballroom and the decorations, room, lights, everything was breathtaking - fun, yet classic, perfect.

The table place settings + the cake + the AMAZING centerpieces + the head table in all it's glory

It's at this point I should probably mention the food, which was easily one of the top wedding meals I've ever had - I mean, short rib was the entree, and you all know how much I adore short ribs - 'nuff said. Everything I ate at the Ritz-Carlton during my six day stay was terrific. 

Here's Melanie and Bob during their first dance on the left, and Melanie and her father Aris on the right. The father daughter dance was so sweet (I cried again) but after a couple minutes the song abruptly stopped and it was OPA time - Greek Dancers unite.
Shots of Ouzo and Metaxa were prepped and primed to get the attendees ready for Greek dancing + Sissy, Melanie, Marcia and Bob dancing away + Everyone dancing, it's like a blur + a shot of the band and dance floor

Fun on the dance floor was guaranteed with this crew but the band, Powerhouse, kicked everything up a notch, I think there were 12 members in the band on stage from what I can remember and they played, nailed, and rocked it all. So much fun, and by far the best wedding band I've ever experienced.

Sunday morning after the wedding was all said and done, the party STILL wasn't done. We had a brunch at the Ritz, more pool time and a trip over to Marcia and Aris's house for snacks and more celebration - the party literally didn't stop - now do you guys understand why it took me a proper week to post the full trip recap?

All cousins should have a shot of rye to celebrate, naturally. + Sunday brunch + free left over wedding flip flops for all!

This trip, this wedding, this family's hospitality, the fun of it all is a memory I'll never forget. I love my family, they are such a blessing to me and I can't wait to continue living this life with them.

And with that, Melanie and Bob's wedding extravaganza is a wrap and just think, we get to head to Toronto in the fall for Melanie's brother Scott's wedding to Davida - I should probably start planning my outfits now.

Happy Tuesday kids - hope everyone had a nice long Memorial Day weekend!


  1. You and CK look fantastic. Totally stealing that necklace from you, btw.

  2. this wedding was stunning! stunning! I've been to a wedding a the Ritz in Cleveland and it was amazing all around too. I can't get over the flower arrangements!!!

  3. what a wedding week!! you and CK are too freaking cute.

  4. sounds like a fabulous wedding and love all of the pictures, it all looks so gorgeous!

    also, love that picture of you and CK, you both look so dashing together :)

  5. I think i saw a wedding this fabulous on David Tutera's wedding show!! lol amazing!!

    How fun!!

  6. Gorgeous!!!! What a fabulous wedding. You and CK are the most cutest couple evah! <3

  7. I was looking at that pic of you and CK (gorgeous, btw), and wondering what looked different, and then I saw it- YOU'RE NOT WEARING BLACK!!!

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