My Memorial Day weekend

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MOB's bridal shower = MOB having a hard time opening the presents + Beaver and Patti holding adorable little boys (neither of which are theirs + Cute mason jar glasses for our thirst quenching needs with a Beaver background
One of my very best friends, MOB, who I have the honor of being a bridesmaid for in the fall had her bridal shower this weekend - it was perfect, and a great way to officially kick off her wedding festivities.

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend fun at the O'Neill's!
A cookout was held at my friends Bo and Barb's in Tremont and we grilled, drank some beers and played with the kiddos. We (me, Ginenne and Andy) also had a see-who-can-hold-their-legs-up-the-longest-contest (see right image) - we all gave up from boredom and having to use the restroom after 30 minutes. A party at Ahmed's, also in Tremont, followed - I like my friends.

The Driggs and CK bromance continues.
Sunday evening a group of us headed to Whiskey Island, aka Sunset Grille, for fun in the sun... until it started raining. We sought refugee from the weather (and dinner) at XYZ the Tavern and CK and I ended up singing on the Driggs' rooftop deck - a great end to a great weekend.

BUT WAIT! There's still Monday... well, I don't have pictures of that because all I did was do yard work - flower planting/shopping, weed digging and mulch laying - all completed in just under 6 hours thanks to help from my trusty boyfriend CK.

Now THAT was a great end to a great weekend - especially as I sit and stare at my company ready backyard... let Saturday's party begin.

Happy Wednesday, kids!


  1. Isn't it amazing what a great boyfriend can do for ya! I love when mine helps with yard work too!

  2. If I were to use one of many iPhone emoticons, it would be a triple thumbs up followed by a few flowers.

  3. wait, you held your legs up for 30 minutes? you should've called guiness!!


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