so what should we name our band?

Monday, May 7, 2012

No your eyes are not deceiving you, I'm actually posting my weekend recap on Monday - just like the good old days. That was BCK though, aka before CK...

With him traveling for work though, I have an empty house on Sunday night and plenty of time to blog, eat popsicles and wear a tye-died t-shirt.

Just living the dream, guys.

As for the weekend it was pure bliss. Friday night was spent with great friends (Kayla + Jeff, Gina + Danny and me and CK) at Hodge's. If you follow me on twitter you know that I also dined at Hodge's for lunch with some beautiful friends - It's a great addition to Downtown Cleveland and their patio isn't to be missed, neither is the lamb shank.

Saturday, aka Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, was spent with great friends on both sides of the Cuyahoga River. First, CK and I headed to Cleveland Heights to hangout with our friends Marissa and PK for a super fun Derby party. We brought Beergeritas and cupcakes - a winning combination. 

It's a bags party + folks watching the Derby go down + how you know you're at a party with a bunch of Case Western kids, a Stephen Hawking tattoo
After the party CK and I headed back west to the Casa de Driggs, aka the penthouse of Stonebridge, where Heather and Matt put on quite the impromptu shindig - we had so much fun! We drank, we played music, and laughed - a lot.

Jam session at the Driggs's - so what should we name our band? With Jen on drums, CK on bass, Driggs on guitar, Fitchko on maracas, Mitch on bongos, Clark on the ukelele and Ginenne as the main groupie, ha.
Once the pretend musicians were done we let Driggs take requests for a sing-a-long on their rooftop deck... Clark is a great chord page turner for the record.
The weather is turning and my life is full of love - it's going to be a great summer.

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. love that this post just screams HAPPY! fun times

  2. The fact that you party hopped for the Derby and 5/5 is impressive. I was just lucky I made it out of the house in the after-dark hours!

  3. what a freaking view they have!

  4. i cannot wait for patio weather and eating outdoors all of the time. seriously that is just the best.

  5. that was a perfect weekend to enjoy the outdoors, for sure!! i think all i know about stephen hawking i learned from watching what?

  6. Goodness. It looks like you had a LOVELY weekend, and your Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day looks a lot like ours... minus the Stephen Hawking tattoo.

    I hope you're having a lovely week so far, Alexa!

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