Janis or Aaliyah

Friday, June 29, 2012

Whose legacy, popularity, record sales, etc got a bigger boost upon their death...

Janis Joplin



I beg of you to answer this question as CK and I have been fighting about this for longer than I care to admit.


Happy Friday, kids!

how to drink at weddings...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last night one of my twitter buddies, @srouser, tweeted an article from Grubstreet New York titled, Sloshed: How to Drink at Weddings.

Naturally, as a professional wedding guest, I had to click through, and the article I found was entertaining, funny and freakishly accurate.

Be sure to check out the full article for step by step directions for folks like the bridal party and all the events they have to attend:

Rehearsal Dinner: Two or three glasses of Champagne — you want to be social; you don't want to end your night doing shots at the local dive bar.

MOB, do you think I'll be able to keep that rule come September?

So where do you fall at your most recent wedding?

chickens, phish and glow sticks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The weekend, in pictures.

Urban chickens, aka Garden Friends at Laurel and Sergio's + marshmallow roasting + glow stick bracelets
All the lovely ladies at Steph's bridal shower at Mario Fazio's. Such a great afternoon for a great friend and I can't wait for the wedding in August!!
#whatdeerywore for Phish at Blossom while hula hooping in the lot
The scene from the lawn at Blossom for Phish + Jesse and Muffin + Caroline, Chris and Steve

Great summer weekend, great music and great friends - no complaints (for once) from this girl.

Happy Tuesday, kids!

How to Live the Cancerian Lifestyle according to The Frisky (and me)

Friday, June 22, 2012

My birthday is quickly approaching in about a week and a half, and while I was day dreaming about receiving presents that I'm never going to get, an article about my astrological sign, Cancer, came across my Facebook news feed.

The Frisky developed a list titled: 10 Ways To Live The Cancerian Lifestyle which upon reading, as a Cancer, I think is pretty damn accurate to the best things about me.

On the flip side, next week perhaps they'll do: "10 Way to Live With A Cancerian and Not Kill Them Because They Are So GD Moody" - I promise we aren't all rainbows and unicorns, but let's focus on the positive people.

Moving on...

The list, according to The Frisky:

1. Always accept and value your emotions. Honor your emotional needs by giving yourself the time to feel what you need to feel. [alexa commentary: I know what I want and I want it NOW, aka I feel like I really want this new black dress.]

2. Never pass up the opportunity to spend time with friends, family, and other loved ones. [alexa commentary: Laundry? Who needs laundry, it's time for happy hour!]

3. Have a genuine interest and concern about other people’s lives and well-being. [alexa commentary:Great, I'm glad you feel better, now, back to me]

4. Take care of people in big and small ways, whether that means bringing some chocolates to a coworker who’s having a bad day or offering your home to a friend who’s going through a breakup. [alexa commentary: Oh, your boyfriend cheats on you with a skankbot? Time for drinks and finding new boys/girls to make out with!]

5. Encourage people to talk about their feelings. [alexa commentary: Here, have another glass of bubbles, it'll be easier to talk about it, but, give me your cellphone.]

6. Turn your home into a comfy, cozy, best-vibes sanctuary. [alexa commentary: Two words people - dimmers and candles.]

7. Cook elaborate meals for your loved ones at every opportunity, even if your solo meals consist of cheese and crackers. [alexa commentary: What? You don't eat meat? That's ok, I make lamb + add wine = no one leaves my house hungry, NO ONE]

8. Honor memories and past experiences and always make time to reminisce. [alexa commentary: Time to go through the digital archives again!]
9. Express your thoughts, feelings, and needs in an honest, straightforward way. [alexa commentary: Sometimes I think I'm the brunette version of Caroline Manzo on the Real Housewives of Cleveland] 
10. Carve out lots of time in your schedule for cuddlefests. Cancers are known for being super snuggly buggly. [alexa commentary: All of my friends know this about me, I've been known to pet people on more than one occasion, I can't help it!]

Happy Friday, kids!!

Bobby is one + Table 45 chef's table

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This past weekend was split between Cleveland and Columbus as CK and I headed to Ohio's capital city after work on Friday to celebrate my godson Bobby's 1st birthday.

While we couldn't attend Bobby's official birthday party on Saturday due to the Table 45 event I'll being sharing with you in a moment, spending Friday evening and Saturday morning with Erin, Todd and Bobby was absolute perfection.

Friday wine night while Bobby slept meant Todd and CK in deep convos + BOBBY!!!! laughing + BOBBY!!!! climbing on his birthday present + BOBBY!!!! crawling like a madman through my legs

It's hard to believe Bobby is one already, he's such a happy little boy, so pleasant and sweet and I can't wait to continue to watch him grow up as his Nouna.

Upon arriving back in Cleveland, CK and I needed to hustle and get ready for a fun dinner with friends courtesy of Table 45.

A few months ago I entered a contest on Facebook to win a 6 course food and wine dinner for six at the chef's table at Table 45, one of Zack Bruell's restaurants located in the Intercontinental Hotel near the Cleveland Clinic.

Spoiler alert: I WON!

A date was picked, the guests (a Flats Cleveland reunion of sorts) were invited and the table was set - time to get our grub on.

The main staff that took care of us included our fabulous server and now buddy William and the Chef du Cuisine Tom Schrenk who was more than patient with our table full of loud (yet fun) guests distracting his kitchen. You see, the chef's table is literally in the kitchen which is for all intends and purposes, awesome.

The menu Chef Tom put together for us was glorious, delicious, contemporary and I'm honestly not quite sure how we ate it all...

First Course: Goat cheese stuffed California figs wrapped in bacon, served with arugula, dressed in champagne vinaigrette - Villa Chiara Prosecco NV

Second Course: Dragon sushi roll, futomaki with snow crab, unagi, cucumber and avocado - Domaine La Hitaire, Les Tours, Cotes de Gascogne 2010

Third Course: Grilled redfish with spicy red quinoa, grilled kohlrabi and summer salsa - Independent Producers, Unoaked Chardonnay, Dionysus Vineyard 2010

Fourth Course: Sun-dried tomato and cream cheese stuffed chicken breast with purple smashed potato and spinach - Juan Gil, Monastrell, Jumilla, Spain 2008

 Fifth Course: Grilled domestic lamb chop with oregano risotto, naan wedge and mint sauce - Hess, 19 Block Cuvee, Mt. Veeder, California 2007

Sixth Course: Lemon chiboust garnished with fresh raspberries, sesame tuile and grand marnier chocolate pearl truffle - The Stump Jump Sticky Chardonnay, 2008

The place setting + the view from the chef's table + Lzone and Seanski + the menu
The starter course of housemade naan with various dipping sauces + courses 1 through 3 = I'm drooling on my laptop keyboard
Courses 4 through 6 + Chef Tom = 1 happy chef's table, right Lzone? ;)

We (CK, Moe, Mark, Seanski, Lzone and I) had such an amazing time at Table 45 from start to finish - the food and wine was as exceptional as the service which is a win-win in my book.

Thanks go out to all who put the evening together as I know my guests and I won't soon forget it.

Post dinner, you would think we'd be ready to roll home but instead the fab four from the westside headed to La Dolce Vida in Little Italy to see some of my D&E colleagues perform some music on the patio while sipping lemoncellos...

Life could definitely be worse.

Sunday, Father's day, was spent with CK and his little one, since my father is no sadly longer with us. We took in the Indians game in the afternoon and I was impressed with all the new kid friendly additions to the park this year - worth checking out for sure.

Good times were most definitely had by all but now if you'll excuse me I'm going to day dream about Table 45 and hanging out with Bobby.

Happy Wednesday, kids!

We came, we saw, we conquered our ten year UD reunion

Monday, June 18, 2012

I mentioned in my last blog post, er, a whole week ago, that my ten year University of Dayton reunion weekend kicked my butt.

But never, ever, did I think that I wouldn't even begin to feel like a normal human being again until last Thursday morning. I'm getting far too old for two days of straight partying and acting like a kid again - the recovering time is torture.

That being said, I had SO MUCH fun with all my friends that I'd endure the recovery time all over again if it meant I'd be with my college cohorts.  They really are some of the best people I know.

But let's get to the important stuff, the pictures.

Friday, the group of us staying at the Marriott in Dayton all started cocktailing at Gambits in preparation for our '02 class party at Kennedy Union - so, to the campus we went.

UD on the wall of Tim's + the house I lived in my Junior and Senior year, 520 Lowes + campus being all fancy
Muffin, Addison Montgomery, Mistiburr, Tigger, Diva, Seifs, me and Teen at our old stomping grounds Timothy's Bar - now, with a stripper pole!
Foxx, Mistiburr, Tigger, MOB and poo poo hanging out on Tim's fancy new patio + Teen, Diva and Vines at BW3's + Addison Montgomery hijaking a taxi + late night pizza mauling at the hotel, obvy

While some alumni took campus tours or ran a 5K my group of friends went to Bagel Cafe for lunch and spent the whole day drinking beer at the Marriott pool. The girls stayed dry but the boys pretended that were in Daytona, somethings never change, aka everyone is still awesome.

Saturday evening we headed to the "Porch Party" on campus for continued alumni engagement - very formal, guys..... Here we have Muffin, Tigger, Foxx, Addison Montgomery, MOB, poo poo and Holler + all the 520 girls in attendance: Seifs, me and Teen + The jerk and the klutz being all adorable
Post porch party we walked over to our old stomping grounds of 102 Lawnview and 335 Kiefaber where the students currently living in those houses thoroughly enjoyed 32 year-olds buying them beer in return for a place to party.

10 years later it's like we never left.

The #whatdeerywore meme continued in Dayton where dear Muffin was sporting quite the variety of outfits. From day drinking to bar hopping to porch partying she was always looking fab - the folks in the background aren't too shabby either...

Julie, Kate and Tricia being beyond beautiful hot mamas + Cubby and Martha + The United Nations + Muffin and a rat...

Post porch parties in the ghetto we had to go back to Tim's, right? Addison Montgomery, Keough, Foxx, Tigger and Anthony + Tigger, Hurt, Foxx and Barnes

Seifs, the klutz, Martha, me and Muffin + Pittsburghers unite - Teen, Aaron and Diva + Kennedy, Dunwoody and Anthony + Barnes and Holler
Ya know, we TRIED to get a good group photo but as you can tell we weren't very successful... well, some of us were successful - Barnes's chest definitely was.

Go College.

I can't verbalize how thankful I am to have attended University of Dayton, to have met the friends I did and to be fortunate enough to be able to get together with these friends on a regular basis.

I'm blessed.

Now, if you'll forgive me, I sure as hell hope I'm not still blogging during our 15th reunion because lord knows that one will probably take me two weeks to recap as I can't even imagine how long my recovery phase will take in 2017.

Happy Monday, kids!!

Dayton: 1 Alexa: 0

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wheels up ladies, wheels up. xoxo.

Stay tuned for a full recap of my ten year UD reunion weekend when I finally stop feeling like a person who pretended she didn't graduate from college ten years ago... s-u-f-f-e-r-i-n-g.

Go College.

SOHO + ABC + Jimmy + Bikes

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I'm heading to the University of Dayton for my (gasp!) ten year college reunion.

Ten. Years.

But more on that later - post weekend.

Last night I had yet another fabulous evening in Ohio City, similar to Wednesday night, I hung out at SOHO Kitchen & Bar but this time enjoyed a date night dinner with CK.

Cocktails + CK's delicious catfish po' boy + My new favorite entree, shrimp and grits - SO SO SO SO SO GOOD!

During dinner this happened, which is hilarious...

Obviously this is a parody twitter account, but this made me laugh out loud. Who knows, maybe there is twitter in federal prison?

Post dinner CK and I headed to ABC the Tavern to watch the Heats/Celtics game... no comment... for a few beers and bourbon. On the way home from W 25th to my house on Franklin Blvd the bikes were out and it made me very happy.

This is blurry, and snapped from CK's car but look at all the bikes cruisin' down Cleveland's own bike highway, Franklin Blvd! It really is summer in Cleveland.

Have a great weekend everyone, it's supposed to be a gorgeous and good one!

Wednesday night in Ohio City

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I really like Wednesday nights on W25th in Ohio City.

Haircuts at Zen Metro Spa with the fabulous Mindy, Cleveland Museum of Art Column & Stripe marketing meetings at SOHO and cocktails on the patio at Market Garden Brewery with good friends.

Sarabot, JV and AJP - get it girls!

Yup, summer is officially here.

Happy Thursday, kids.

music snob party + DMB

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This past Saturday night CK and I hosted an iPod Battle Royale party at my townhouse where CK and some of his fellow music snobs were required to bring a 30 minute playlist to share. 

We had such a great evening, with great friends and while I didn't end up making a playlist I did make a mean pork butt...

I'm a mix-master in the kitchen and CK is a mix-master with the tunes - we're a good pair.
8 lbs of pure pork buttocks.

I turned that pork butt into the most glorious pulled pork I've ever made, granted this was the first time I ever made pulled pork, but that's beside the point. THIS RECIPE KICKS PORK BUTT - make it now - then make this cilantro jalapeno coleslaw and pile it onto of the pulled pork. 

I also made this strawberry spinach salad, this potato salad with lemon and herbs and a family recipe pineapple cake with cream cheese icing.

I really like to cook, guys.

Backyard fun + backyard fun on an angle + Jesse and Muffin being adorable + #whatdeerywore
The music theme continued on Sunday with a trip to Blossom Music Center to take in a Dave Matthews Band show. A great group of friends including CK, MOB, Beaver, Jen and Stephen tailgated for the afternoon in the lot and danced our faces off at the DMB show.

Nice view from the Dave show - the band blew me away for the record, the best they've sounded in years, so polished, so DMB grown up.

Beaver, MOB and CK tailgating + MOB and Beaver Booooooooooooooping + Stephen and Jen being adorable

Good weekend, good friends, good music.

I can get used to this life.

Happy Wednesday, kids.