chickens, phish and glow sticks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The weekend, in pictures.

Urban chickens, aka Garden Friends at Laurel and Sergio's + marshmallow roasting + glow stick bracelets
All the lovely ladies at Steph's bridal shower at Mario Fazio's. Such a great afternoon for a great friend and I can't wait for the wedding in August!!
#whatdeerywore for Phish at Blossom while hula hooping in the lot
The scene from the lawn at Blossom for Phish + Jesse and Muffin + Caroline, Chris and Steve

Great summer weekend, great music and great friends - no complaints (for once) from this girl.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. There really is something remarkable about listening to music outside. We're heading to one of our weekly favorites around here - music in the park.

  2. haven't been to blossom since 2001 for the up in smoke tour. I think it was Jayz and 50 cent.

    makes me want to go back!

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  4. there is no better venue than blossom for summer concerts! Maybe a mix of nostalgia, but mostly, because it's awesome whether on the lawn, or in the seats!! The only bad part is remembering where you parked....

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