how to drink at weddings...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last night one of my twitter buddies, @srouser, tweeted an article from Grubstreet New York titled, Sloshed: How to Drink at Weddings.

Naturally, as a professional wedding guest, I had to click through, and the article I found was entertaining, funny and freakishly accurate.

Be sure to check out the full article for step by step directions for folks like the bridal party and all the events they have to attend:

Rehearsal Dinner: Two or three glasses of Champagne — you want to be social; you don't want to end your night doing shots at the local dive bar.

MOB, do you think I'll be able to keep that rule come September?

So where do you fall at your most recent wedding?


  1. We're getting married on Sunday and a friend forwarded that to me yesterday! Perfect timing, and surprisingly accurate!

    Though, I'd probably give the wedding party a little more leeway (after the toasts, of course).

  2. thats hilarious. definitely have to share with my friends!

  3. I'm pretty sure I had two unfinished drinks at the wedding we went to earlier this month ... and we left by 10. Yeah, we belong at the top/light-weight part of that pyramid! ha.

  4. Ha! I hope that everyone is three sheets to the wind!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don't believe I'll attend a single wedding this year!

  6. hmmm - i think i WANT my rehearsal dinner to end at the local dive bar :)

  7. Haha! This is great and pretty accurate, I think. At our wedding, I think I took half a sip out of 17 glasses of wine. We were both way too busy to drink...but everyone else seemed to have fun!

  8. haha love this. at the most recent wedding i'm pretty sure i fell into the three sheets to the wind family, which is sort of right. since i'm sort of extended family, ha.

  9. I fall at the bottom....although I was in the wedding party, I should have followed protocol.

    That night landed me my first and last DUI. I guess I had a lot of fun, good thing, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the drive to the drunk tank so well!

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  11. I've had like wine and stuff before, but not to be drunk - just as a social drink at weddings and stuff.

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