How to Live the Cancerian Lifestyle according to The Frisky (and me)

Friday, June 22, 2012

My birthday is quickly approaching in about a week and a half, and while I was day dreaming about receiving presents that I'm never going to get, an article about my astrological sign, Cancer, came across my Facebook news feed.

The Frisky developed a list titled: 10 Ways To Live The Cancerian Lifestyle which upon reading, as a Cancer, I think is pretty damn accurate to the best things about me.

On the flip side, next week perhaps they'll do: "10 Way to Live With A Cancerian and Not Kill Them Because They Are So GD Moody" - I promise we aren't all rainbows and unicorns, but let's focus on the positive people.

Moving on...

The list, according to The Frisky:

1. Always accept and value your emotions. Honor your emotional needs by giving yourself the time to feel what you need to feel. [alexa commentary: I know what I want and I want it NOW, aka I feel like I really want this new black dress.]

2. Never pass up the opportunity to spend time with friends, family, and other loved ones. [alexa commentary: Laundry? Who needs laundry, it's time for happy hour!]

3. Have a genuine interest and concern about other people’s lives and well-being. [alexa commentary:Great, I'm glad you feel better, now, back to me]

4. Take care of people in big and small ways, whether that means bringing some chocolates to a coworker who’s having a bad day or offering your home to a friend who’s going through a breakup. [alexa commentary: Oh, your boyfriend cheats on you with a skankbot? Time for drinks and finding new boys/girls to make out with!]

5. Encourage people to talk about their feelings. [alexa commentary: Here, have another glass of bubbles, it'll be easier to talk about it, but, give me your cellphone.]

6. Turn your home into a comfy, cozy, best-vibes sanctuary. [alexa commentary: Two words people - dimmers and candles.]

7. Cook elaborate meals for your loved ones at every opportunity, even if your solo meals consist of cheese and crackers. [alexa commentary: What? You don't eat meat? That's ok, I make lamb + add wine = no one leaves my house hungry, NO ONE]

8. Honor memories and past experiences and always make time to reminisce. [alexa commentary: Time to go through the digital archives again!]
9. Express your thoughts, feelings, and needs in an honest, straightforward way. [alexa commentary: Sometimes I think I'm the brunette version of Caroline Manzo on the Real Housewives of Cleveland] 
10. Carve out lots of time in your schedule for cuddlefests. Cancers are known for being super snuggly buggly. [alexa commentary: All of my friends know this about me, I've been known to pet people on more than one occasion, I can't help it!]

Happy Friday, kids!!


  1. screw laundry is right! let's happy hour! (every day would be awesome.)

  2. i find myself to be mostly textbook for my sign as well...

    and i like the cheese and crackers meals idea!!

    rest up for your big day, im sure you have something fabulous planned!

  3. One of my close friends is a cancer. You're commentary nailed her spot on. I think next time you should write the horoscope.

  4. OMG Love this! I need to find this for my sign!

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