Janis or Aaliyah

Friday, June 29, 2012

Whose legacy, popularity, record sales, etc got a bigger boost upon their death...

Janis Joplin



I beg of you to answer this question as CK and I have been fighting about this for longer than I care to admit.


Happy Friday, kids!


  1. Janis. I feel like Aaliyah didn't quite have the same impact as Janis- how many times do you hear an Aaliyah song on the radio (or even xm)? I think the last time I heard one was maybe 5 years ago? Janis on the other hand is more regularly played. Although maybe the difference is genre related?

  2. Kerry WoloszynekJune 29, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    Janis, hands down. Janis music is even still relevant while most people don't even know who Aaliyah is....sad, but true.

  3. Aaliyah.

    And I don't have any info to back that up.

  4. I think Aaliyah's record sales and popularity got a bigger boost due to her untimely death. There are many other artists in her generation that were similar. She would've eventually fizzled out like the others. Brandy and Monica come to mind. We still talk about Aaliyah because she died.

    Janis is a legend because she was extraordinary. She had a sound that was completely unique and that helped to define Rock 'n' Roll. The reason for her popularity extend far beyond her death.

  5. On a separate note, I think Aaliyah's untimely death affected the music scene most by her absence. She would've beat Beyonce and Rihanna the top of the pop charts and encouraged a more melodic, less autotuned musical scene. I do believe she got a big bump in sales postumously, but it remains to ne seen if she become an icon like Janis has.

  6. Unfair argument. Janis has been 6 feet under a lot longer than Aayliah, allowing Janis' postmortem greatness to marinate a lot longer. So, if I had to give an answer, I'd say Janis, but with an asterisk next to it.

  7. Janis, no doubt.

    But I do love me some Aaliyah.

  8. Who is Aayliah?? Bahahahah.

  9. its all about demographics....in our generation, sure, alliyah was more popular, she was in her prime, and part of a major motion picture at the time of her death.

    it doesnt define who was the better artist, clearly, though I am not a fan, Janis Joplin was around for way longer...

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  11. Aaliyah's estate benefited more after her death and got a big boost for sure.

    But over time, Janis is iconic, so her music is still continually played and everyone from all ages mostly knows who she is. So Janis continually gets money where as Aaliyah's money just got a boost for a little bit.

  12. I am not confirmed about this ,but i think that is Janis.

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