SOHO + ABC + Jimmy + Bikes

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I'm heading to the University of Dayton for my (gasp!) ten year college reunion.

Ten. Years.

But more on that later - post weekend.

Last night I had yet another fabulous evening in Ohio City, similar to Wednesday night, I hung out at SOHO Kitchen & Bar but this time enjoyed a date night dinner with CK.

Cocktails + CK's delicious catfish po' boy + My new favorite entree, shrimp and grits - SO SO SO SO SO GOOD!

During dinner this happened, which is hilarious...

Obviously this is a parody twitter account, but this made me laugh out loud. Who knows, maybe there is twitter in federal prison?

Post dinner CK and I headed to ABC the Tavern to watch the Heats/Celtics game... no comment... for a few beers and bourbon. On the way home from W 25th to my house on Franklin Blvd the bikes were out and it made me very happy.

This is blurry, and snapped from CK's car but look at all the bikes cruisin' down Cleveland's own bike highway, Franklin Blvd! It really is summer in Cleveland.

Have a great weekend everyone, it's supposed to be a gorgeous and good one!


  1. My 20 year high school reunion is this fall. How's that for a little perspective?!?! =) Have fun this weekend!

  2. you will great day drinking weather. that's for sure!

  3. yea, I have a 20 year HIGH SCHOOL reunion coming up in about a year. the years tick by so quickly, the more we age. It's totally unfair!!

    enjoy ever moment of your life, I will never understand why the clock races the older we get, it seems so unfair, the more we know who we are, the less time we have!

  4. i mean i just want to eat both of those meals like right now. looks so good!


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