C&S + Steph's bachelorette fundies party

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Congrats to @fmayse and Sarah - Cooker Girl for each winning a pair of tickets to this weekend's Cleveland Wine Festival! Sad you didn't win? You can still buy tickets online here or at the door - hope to see you there!

When I look back on my weekends recently it's no wonder I'm exhausted, but I've never enjoyed getting tired so much. This summer has been pure fun and it's not even over yet, bonus.

Friday night I attended the Speakeasy Happy Hour at the Cleveland Museum of Art to help celebrate the Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties exhibit with my fellow Column & Stripe members and everyone else who was smart enough to attend such a rad event. 

There were costumes, era appropriate cocktails, live model sketching and art, lots of art.

Danny, Gina, David, Justin, Shibani and Kyle + Christina, Dale, Allison and Gina representing Column & Stripe in the Lounge
Beautiful models posing for Dr. Sketchy at the CMA + Kathryn and Reena in their fashion forward and always stunning styles
After the CMA event a big group of us headed to Johnny Mango's in Ohio City for quesadillas, beers and sangria - I had to drag myself home before midnight though because Saturday was the Klutz's bachelorette party!

The Klutz, my good friend and former downtown roommate who I will now call Steph because I don't think she's a klutz anymore, (ha) had her bachelorette party on Saturday where we winery hopped in a big old fancy limo bus.

Home base for the night was Quail Hollow Resort in Painesville where all the bachelorette attendees met and boarded the bus and we headed to our first stop, Ferrante Winery. We ate delicious pizza, drank countless bottles of wine (my favorite being their Pinto Noir), Steph opened her presents and I may or may not have hopped a fence and frolicked through the rows of vineyards. Totally normal.

The beautiful Lanese women - sisters Ginenne, Steph and their Mom Paula
Steph wearing the actual veil her Aunt wore down the aisle in 80's, regardless of the year it looks awesome + Steph and the Jerk are going to loooooove these Fundies, aka underwear built for two! + I don't think those are going to fit Steph.....
Some of the ladies with the bride-to-be + Paula busting a move on the bus + Steph, Court and Muffin (yes, I know Steph's eyes are closed.. but it's cute!)

We left Ferrante Winery after a few hours and hopped on the limo bus (dancing all the way) to take us to our next stop Chalet Debonne Vineyards. While we enjoyed Ferrante, the crowd, live band, and pitchers (and pitchers) of sangria really made for an awesome experience at Debonne - I can't wait to go back.

Steph's new friend "Tooter's Mom" who loved life more than anything and wore booty shorts at 75 + Sangria and beer tasting + the band leader lining us all up while telling us to "Make the booty go pump", over and over again + #whatdeerywore with a giant white dog
Dancing at Debonne + Ginenne and her blue folder on the bus asking Steph all sorts of questions the Jerk also answered + Kari and Steph jamming out with the hotel band back at Quail Hollow + WE LOVE HOTEL BANDS!!!
After the wineries we headed to the Panini's close to our home base for a late dinner and continued bachelorette fun when we decided that going back to the hotel where we essentially took over the lounge at Quail Hollow. There was a band playing, a band takeover, and a band dance party - SO MUCH FUN. 

Considering we're all staying at Quail Hollow after Steph and the Jerk's wedding in August we should probably warn the bar that a dance party x100 will probably break out post reception. I can't wait to celebrate!

I had such a fun time with my Column & Stripe cronies and Steph's bachelorette crew on Friday and Saturday night I don't even have room to talk about my Sunday night at Mahall's 20 Lanes in Lakewood.... 

...to be continued.


  1. Booty shorts AND fundies? Score.

  2. LOVE the 80s veil. I'm hitting my mom up for hers for my bachelorette party. Great idea!

  3. you frolicked through the vineyards and there's not a photo of that!!!
    You ladies know how to par-tay.

  4. I'm with Allison - where the heck is the photo of you fence-jumping??? By the way, I now need a nap, because I'm so tired from trying to keep up with your parties.

  5. this looks like the best and most ridiculous. i completely approve of all activities here.

  6. fundies? uhh, that's a new one!! lol

    sounds like such a fabu time, visiting wineries is always a class act!!!

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