CMA Summer Solstice + Birthday + 4th of July

Monday, July 9, 2012

I kinda sorta went off the grid last week, huh? I suppose going on vacation all of last week which included my 32nd birthday, July 4th and a long weekend in Kelleys Island will do that to you.

Being a blogger in the summer really is the hardest for me, this is a fact.

Lots of fun things have happened over the course of the last week but let's start with Solstice.

The Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Solstice Party has, in just two short years of my attendance, become a tie (with Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp) for my favorite party of the summer in Cleveland. How bipartisan of me for one to be on the West side and one to be on the East side.

This year the Solstice Party brought excellent music (from the Debo Band specifically), tasty food trucks (although it took a loooooooooong time to get food) and 4,000+ people including all the Cleveland who's who. It was H-O-T out but boy was the party fun - something about drinking and dancing on the museum's steps in the dark that brings out all the radness in Clevelanders.

CK and I double dated to Summer Solstice with Jesse and Muffin and for the record we did not plan on wearing similar colored dresses.

#whatdeerywore to Solstice + Jen, Danielle, Ben, Charity and Shibani + Leopard loves Allison and Suzanne

Danielle, Kathryn, Reena, Becky and Wes + two beautiful shots of the Cleveland Museum of Art and all the beautiful people enjoying the art, party and culturati

One big thing that happened during Solstice was the official launch of a group that I've been working on with the CMA staff and fellow taskforce members called Column & Stripe. It's the Cleveland Museum of Art's affiliate group for new friends of the museum, opening the door to the next generation of Cleveland’s culturati and providing access to art, leadership opportunities, and exclusive programming that’s approachable, social, and relevant. Intrigued? Come to our first official event July 20th, a Speakeasy happy hour at the museum.

With a great vacation kick off party like the Solstice I was ready to start celebrating my birthday weekend with brunch with my family in from Canton/Boston at Deagan's in Lakewood. It was my first time for brunch at Deagan's and it did NOT disappoint, it never does in fact - mmmmmmm.

After brunch we headed to Sunset Grille at Whiskey Island for day drinking, visiting and general Sunday Funday escapades. It was the day before my 32nd birthday and the day before an entire week off of work - what else did you expect me to be doing?

Lots of friends + MOB, me and Muffin + Jason and Sissy + #whatdeerywore with a huge ass great dane

JoeG and Jason + Craig and CK playing bags on Whiskey "Island" + a shot of Sunset Grille before the rain came in

After fun in the sun we headed to Happy Dog for dinner and Sweet Moses for dessert, lemme tell you we got CRAZY (sarcasm) for my 32nd birthday - I think I'm the definition of getting older, but hopefully more wiser with my partying.

On Monday, my actually birthday, I lounged around, biked around and headed to Canton for dinner with my whole big fat Greek family at Don Pablo's - my choice. We meet up with the Foradas family cousins who were also in Canton post dinner and then called the evening a success.

For the actual Independence Day back to Canton we went for a pool party at Cathi and Grog's and party at my Thea Joanna and Uncle David's where CK and his whole family, in from STL, could also join us - parents meeting parents, this is serious stuff guys!

CK, me, my Mom, Sissy and Jason at my bday dinner at Donny P's + pool party + USA birthday cake + Jason and Sissy, aka the first instance of Jason ever touching a sparkler in his entire 29 years, shocking - good thing I captured the moment.

Good times, people, GOOD TIMES.

The second half of my vacation week at Kelleys Island and Cedar Point with the Kramer's will have to wait till my next post, as I have to get back to packing all over again for a work trip out East this week.

Happy Monday, kids - I've missed you.


  1. You mean cornhole, right? But, I knew what you meant, thanks to the photos. =)

  2. happy birthday!!!

  3. I love that you threw culturati in twice! Nick and I are totally joining Column and Stripe! Do you get bonus points if we say you sent us?

  4. I was off last week too celebrating my BF's b-day (7/7) - love that tradition! Looks like you made the most of it. Happy Birthday doll!

  5. Isn't it great having a birthday around 4th of July?!

    Looks like the CMA Summer Solstice was another fabulous time. I really like the new affiliate group - such a smart way to get new people interested/involved.

    p.s. thank you for noting Don Pablo's still being in the area. When the one in Old Brooklyn closed, you would have thought my husband's dog died based on his reaction. They make his favorite burrito!

  6. welcome back!

    oh sweet moses, how i could use a float right now..

  7. oh man this just looks like so much fun, it's quite clear why you haven't blogged, you're a busy woman!

    Also i love that dress you wore to the solstice party, it's so pretty and that color is fabulous on you!

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