Kelleys Island + Cedar Point vacation time

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's talk about the second half of my vacation week, which has been harder to get up here on the plum than normal due to the fact that I've been in Philadelphia all week for a client trade show but the blog must go on, guys - it must!

The second half of my summer vacation week was spent on Kelleys Island one of Lake Erie's own beautiful shores and islands with CK's family. While I have visited Kelleys Island once before, last summer for Holler's bachelorette party, this four day trip would allow for a lot more exploration of the island in all its glory. 

First though, you have to GET to the island - cue Kelleys Island Ferry, which we caught in Marblehead, to transport us (and our car) to the island. The boat ride is a fun sightseeing activity in it's own right which is a great way to get the group excited for the island itself. 

Our home for the long weekend was Kelleys Island Venture Resort where had a great set up in the Iroquois Suite and the best perk ever in the swimming pool. If you can reflect back on how hot it was last week you surly understand how important that swimming pool was.

The view from the balcony of our suite showing the swimming pool and the lake - beautiful!
Thursday was our first night on the island and we dined at the Island House Restaurant and Martini Bar, we had an excellent meal outside followed by mini-golf and ice cream at Papa T's - AMERICA!

CK and his little one showing off their golf ball color choices + Florence, CK and his little one in one giant chair + mad golf skillz, naturally
Friday the family fun time continued but this time we hopped back on the ferry over to the mainland to visit the one and only world famous Cedar Point - they don't call it the best amusement park in the world for no reason, guys. 

Growing up in Northeast Ohio Cedar Point was a yearly or even two/three time a year trip for me but for the Kramer family from STL this was their first trip to the Point. And it's safe to say they were impressed.

Now, one thing does need to be made clear though, something was in the air that had a serious effect on our visit, it's called a 109 degree index. I can with 100% certainty say that I've never been as hot in my entire life as I was on July 6, 2012.

In some ways the heat made our visit easier in that not everyone could handle it and the lines weren't as long. For me and CK though we had an extra Ace in our pocket, or should I say our wrist?

Cedar Point's new Fast Lane passes ARE THE BOMB. They are exactly what you'd think a ticket extension that allows for you to take the fast lane on 20 of Cedar Point's most popular rides. The fact that I could ride the Maverick (my favorite) after waiting only 5 minutes while everyone else waited an hour+ is well worth the ticket price. 

I'm officially spoiled by the Fast Lane pass, I'll never be able to go back without getting one, I HIGHLY recommend it - less time waiting in lines equals more time riding rides, DUH!

Fun for the whole Kramer family at Cedar Point!!
The Woodstock Express was by far the little ones favorite ride, this kid simply can't wait till she's 48 inches so she can ride ALL the rides.

Once we got back to Kelleys Island after the Point we had dinner at Kelleys Island Brewery right next to our hotel, they have a great outdoor dining area with a beautiful lake view, no complaints from us!

With Saturday being our last day on the island we spent it bike riding, swimming/laying out, searching for shells, visiting together and hitting up The Village Pump for dinner and their famous Brandy Alexanders and perch - a must when visiting the island. 

The long weekend on Kelleys Island was a perfect getaway on our beautiful Lake Erie and with it being so close to Cleveland an easy trip to take. If you've never been, what are you waiting for?

Totem Pole found on my morning bike ride + shell searching after dinner on the beach + the massive beauty that is the Kelleys Island Quarry + Marblehead beach shot by the ferry

To say it was hard going back to reality after this is an understatement.

Thanks go out to Lake Erie Shores and Islands for their trip planning expertise, Cedar Point for the VIP treatment and of course, the Kramer family for inviting me along.

Let's do it all again sometime, shall we?

Happy Friday, kids!


  1. How fun! I always love going up to the islands...I feel like I've been on vacation without going too far away.

  2. awesome awesome awesome. i love ohio summers!

  3. I didn't see mention of strawberry shots at Bag the Moon. Incomplete!


  4. Don't worry Teets, I made every single Kramer over the age of 21 do one with me Thursday night, I just forgot to write about it :). Hope all is well with you!!

  5. I don't remember what the ride is called but I would've went on the wooden one where you get splashed over and over to cool off.

  6. Great post Alexa! Glad you enjoyed your time at Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Come again!

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  8. I think I'll save Kelleys Island until after I come meet Miss Alexa in the Plum. =)

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