Mahall's 20 Lanes + LKWD Music Festival

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh yeah, Mahall's 20 Lanes, or as I like to call it Lakewood's best new addition since Deagan's, even though it's not exactly a new addition (it's been around for DECADES) but it's under new ownership and is primed and prepped to become one of the Cleveland areas best music and drinking destinations.

Plus there's 20 lanes of bowling... I can't forget the gloriously retro bowling.

But let's go back to the under new ownership part as I must disclose my connection to them. Picture it, Canton, Ohio in the 90's - the Historic Ridgewood Neighborhood to be exact. The Marinos'(me and my sissy), the Flamos' (Mahall's owners Kelly and Emily) and the Pavlick's (Mahall's owner Joe) all lived within blocks of each other growing up, went to the same catholic schools, etc. Hell, I essentially babysat Joe and his two younger sisters my entire sophomore year of high school and Kelly and I were Greek debutantes together. 

So yeah, I'm a little biased on Mahall's and their fabulous owners - how could I not be? Canton represent!

This past Sunday night CK and I finally got to properly check out Mahall's for the Buckwheat Zydeco show. The NOLA music theme was also represented with Zydeco Bistro taking over the kitchen and hurricanes at the bar. We dined on catfish with hush puppies and shrimp poboys and were beyond happy.

(Worth noting: While Mahall's doesn't yet have a full time kitchen they have been partnering with chefs and food trucks around the city of Cleveland for pop-up style kitchen take overs, e.g. tonight Chef Eric Williams from Momocho prepared a menu)

The iconic Mahall's 20 Lanes sign that can been seen while driving down Madison Ave + A standing outside view of the stage where the newly constructed garage doors still let you see shows from the sidewalk

How cool is the Mahall's sign behind the stage?! Love it. + beer and a hurricane in a mason jar + the beautiful Emily mixing up cocktails and Mahall's coasters... I'm glad I was there too

CK and I had such a great time at Mahall's, and considering how close I live to the place, I envision us making very frequent trips back. 

Like perhaps this Saturday for the inaugural LKWD Music Festival at Mahall's!

This Saturday at Mahall's is going to be quite the all day party, with art vendors, food trucks, bowling, drinks and music, LOTS of music.

Tickets are only $10 - TEN DOLLARS - and can be bought online here, or at the door the day of for $15. You can check out the event page on facebook for more information and music line up times, etc.

Show your local pride Cleveland and help support this new business bring in a new wave of music, fun and eats to our city.

Hope you see you all on Saturday.

Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. greek debutante you say? how cool!

  2. bowling is sooo much fun!! you forget just how much you miss it until you pick it back up again!!

  3. Nice post, Alexa, I wish them all well!! The place looks great!! Plus you didn't mention how your mothers' went to high school together too....ha.aA

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