MOB's white water rafting bachelorette party extravaganza

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picture it, University of Dayton in the year 2000.

My dear friend MOB unfortunately had just received a neck injury while riding in the back of our friend's Jeep Wrangler - a neck injury that was so bad it involved her literally breaking her neck. Thankfully not in the, she can't walk way, but in the she had to wear a neck brace for over 6 months while enrolled in college.

I'll let you think about that for a moment...

She had to wear a brace, around her neck, that also went down to her waist and strapped all the way around her body while a junior in college. 

MOB was the girl with a neck brace, a la Sixteen Candles, and can be seen at the :43 second mark of the following video specifically.

After she received a clean bill of health, MOB went back to being a normal college kid, and we may or may not have had a neck brace burning, head banging party in celebration of it all.

We also may still bring up her wearing a neck brace a lot, even twelve years later, so when it came time for MOB's bachelorette party we naturally had to poke some fun at her.

Cue, my crafty handy work as each of the guests of the bachelorette party upon entering our rented house, The Cedar Lodge in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, were given a neck brace to wear for the weekend. They were actually kind of comfy, guys.

 Obviously I had to bedazzle the bride's neck brace + Molly, MOB, Foxx, me and Muffin = her bridesmaids in attendance!
Our first night in the house, Friday, we cocktailed, cooked dinner in, played games, had a dance party and called the friendly animal control on a stray dog that came to visit our backyard. It was an eventful evening to say the least and it only prepped us for what was next... white water rafting.

#whatdeerywore while wearing a neck brace in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania for MOB's bachelorette party
Muffin, Holler, Leanne, Molly, Mo, MOB, Foxx, Beaver and the plastic penis squirt gun between MOB and Foxx... + Holler and MOB + the stray dog we named Sean Buddy who wandered onto our deck, I hope he found is owner/home
Saturday a group of us embarked on what we thought would be a smooth sailing trip down the Lower Youghiogheny River courtesy of the Laurel Highlands River Tours. The tour group was great, the guides were helpful, funny and knowledgeable - but the issue was us, WE SUCKED at white water rafting.

All the girls ready for rafting, helmets and life jackets included + Beaver's water shoes...

My boat had MOB and all her maids which included me, Foxx, Muffin and Molly - in theory we figured we had a strong boat with everyone but Muffin and I having gone done this very river before. Blame it on the river being too low, blame it on our boat needing a solid captain, blame it on us being too hungover - I don't care what we blamed it on, we were TERRIBLE.

Half the time we couldn't go straight, our giant raft was essentially a rock magnet so we got caught on ALL OF THE ROCKS (especially in the "rock garden"), Molly and Foxx were both thrown out multiple times, Foxx got stung by a bee, I have a giant bruise on my bum and blisters on my hands and at one point during our trip nearly all of us cried with laughter/distraught.

WE WERE SO BAD THAT THE PUT A GUIDE IN OUR RAFT 3/4 OF THE WAY THROUGH! That bad, guys, that bad. It was comical - we were smelly, tired and to say that we were ready for a cocktail after our nearly 6 hour rafting adventure would be an understatement.

Good thing we had lots of them back at the house because night two was ready to begin. With presents for MOB, the question/answer game with input from her fiancee Pete, a little fire that could (despite all the rain) and some of the best friends a girl could ask for another phenomenal night was about to be in the books.

Muffin and I got MOB her wedding day sweatshirt, it's almost time to become Mrs. Winchester! + Holler, Molly and MOB + Foxx, Patti, Beaver and Mo

A shot of the back of our rented house and Beaver + Beaver's little fire that could(n't burn because all the wood was wet)
The best friends in the entire world (please ignore the fuzzy iphone photos...), Patti, Beaver, MOB, Anne, Jill + Muffin, Foxx, MOB, Holler, Mo, me and Molly - so lucky to have these rad people in my life.

Such a great celebration for such a wonderful friend - I can't believe the big day is only two months away!! Love you MOB.

Happy Tuesday, kids.



  2. Aww I love this!! And I'm so sad to miss out. I also think its funny that the neck braces look weird on everyone but Mary. ha!

  3. i love that you guys wore the neckbraces the whole weekend.

    I would've loved a little video of the hilarious adventure you guys were on in the water.

  4. I love this post... ah, I miss white water rafting in Ohiopyle! Memories :-)

  5. this is so freaking awesome, and I love the sixteen candles nod!!

    I have long since wanted to try whitewater rafting, this makes me even more jealous that I have not yet had the pleasure of doing so!!

    what a fun weekend!!

  6. Love that they had to assign you a personal guide! Neck braces FTW!

  7. That sounds like such a fun bachelorette party! I have always wanted to try out whitewater rafting but I also tend to shy away from anything that involves wearing a helmet.

  8. You crack me up!! Those are some snazzy bedazzled neckbraces, girl. Maybe you should've worn them for the rafting porion of the trip :)

  9. i graduated high school with Molly! small world!!!

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