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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The weekend that was...

An impromptu Olympics watching party Friday night turned into Lzone watching them while sitting in my accent chair while drinking bubbles and talking in an accent.

After my house we headed to XYZ the Tavern for dinner and then Tina's Nite Club for debauchery, karaoke and of course LIMBO! Jen, Stephen, AJP, Lzone and CK in a hot group shot + AJP and me because awesome + AJP exiting the bar via LIMBO!

Saturday CK and I headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum to check out the Grateful Dead exhibit, photos weren't allowed in the exhibit but I promise you it was a sight to be seen and worth checking out. For a music fan like me, a trip to the Rock Hall is always an enlightening, educating, and fun experience. GO!

After the Rock Hall CK and I walked over to Voinovich Park for the Cleveland Wine Festival, which in my second year of attendance, is quickly becoming one of the summer events I most look forward to. You can't beat the view of Cleveland from Voinovich Park + Me and one of my LONG TIME blog friends who I had yet to meet, Fizzgig, from the blog It's All About Me! Deal With It! + the crowd at the festival.

Sunday night CK and I headed down to Canton for some family fun time at my Thea Joanna and Uncle David's house, we also may have had some competitive family fun time with arm wrestling and push up contests. Jenna and Greg taking one for the Blate family + My ever internet shy Thea Paulette and Uncle Clark + Me and my not so little anymore cousins David and Graceyn

Good times my friends, good times.

Happy Tuesday (and last day of July), kids!


  1. Your mention of Voinovich Park made me wonder whether that's the park we stop in when driving through Cleveland. I checked a map and it's close, but not the same. We usually take a stop in the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve before jumping back on 90! =)

  2. Wow, Jen... Nice thighs! (inside joke) and from the looks of my linebacker arms, I'm thinking now is a great time to start getting back into yoga. GREAT night! and thanks for introducing us to our new favorite hole in the wall!

  3. I'm proud you did more than just the wine festival. I was quite spent after that event! it was awesome to finally meet you! It was a great spot to hang out for the day, I am def going to add this to my list of "must do's" even if it means leaving my bubble of the A-K rowdy!!

  4. Laughing at the lzone picture and commentary :-) I've only met her once but could totally see her doing this!

  5. Haha! - Any time I'm feeling down, I think about how much you like my thighs, and it picks me right back up! Best slightly boozed compliment ever!

  6. Oops - I meant to refer to Jen in my comment... I'm not sure if Alexa likes my thighs or not.

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  8. i seriously watched so much of the olympics it was nuts. also, i need a wine festival in my life, like asap.

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