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Friday, August 17, 2012

Congrats to Adam (aka fishface) for winning the pair of tickets to next weekends Roar Along the Shore - sad you didn't win? Head on over to Room Service in the OHC to get your own!

What is it about pay day that automatically drives me to browse all over the internet on my lunch break for baubles and jewels to add to my collection?

It's probably the beautiful lump sum of cash sitting there in your checking account staring at you screaming SPEND ME, BUY SOMETHING WITH SPARKLES, I'M HERE FOR YOUR PLEASURE! 

Too bad I quickly snap back to reality (oh, there goes gravity) and realize that beautiful lump sum of cash dwindles very quickly once you have to pay your mortgage, car, utilities, etc. But for that slim moment, before I have to pay the ever growing pile of bills and the dollar amount is high I spend the money in my head on these things... 

Roberto Coin Diamond Necklace from Bergdorf Goodman, naturally in an 'A' - $1,200

Roberto Coin Diamond Letter Medallion Necklace from Neiman Marcus, naturally in an 'A', but for half the cost of the first bauble - $620

Erica Weiner Diamond Horseshoe Ring - $500

Erica Weiner Diamond Bow Ring - $2,225

Ok, I'll stop now. Because if I don't, I'll start getting into "other" kinds of diamonds real quick and CK might break up with me out of pure fear.

But sometimes I can't help it - as they say - diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Happy Friday, kids. xo.


  1. Aww yiss, boat ride for 2.
    I hope this is not only the first, but the last time I ever comment on a jewelry blog post!

  2. Chris, hello? are you listening?


    JK! love u guys.

  3. I was hoping this was a lead in to an engagement announcement!! I shouldn't nag about it because I heard it myself for years. It took almost 5 yrs for us and all the harassment was worth it!

  4. Hmm, I have a birthday coming up - I should show this post to my husband.

    Like the braiding in the bow ring's band a lot.

  5. As to listing all of the diamonds in the world,it would be an impossibility because there are millions of them, and more are being dug up every for source

  6. oh--I get you...of course diamonds are a girls best friend!!

    And, pay days are deadly when you have a taste for the shiny things!! I am lucky enough to be able to buy jewelry at cost, on an interest free account. Imagine my demise?! I am always in debt!!!! Always!

  7. I want an initial diamonds necklace too!

  8. I have to pay the ever growing pile of bills and the dollar amount is high I spend. Ashoka Diamond Ring


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