Birthdays, weddings and concerts, oh my!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The weekend in words and pictures, a plum standard.

Friday Moe, Mark, Seanski, Nugget, CK and I headed to new(ish) Tremont taco hot spot, Barrio (in the old 806 Wine Bar) for dinner with friends with a side of birthday celebrations for my man CK. Barrio is an affordable make-your-own-taco combination joint - think Happy Dog but with tacos - that has taken off in recent months due to its pure deliciousness. I had a great meal and drinks and would definitely like to go back.

After dinner CK and I headed to Market Garden Brewery to meet up with our friends starting the wedding celebration of my former roommate, the Klutz (Steph), and good friend from college, the Jerk (Jesse). With it being the night before the big day we "took it easy" and headed home at the reasonable before midnight (?) hour.

Saturday was a big day not only for the bride and groom but also for my main squeeze CK as it was his 35th birthday! Good thing I wasn't dragging him to a crap wedding where he knew no one on his birthday and we were heading to an awesome party celebrating good friends with good friends.

The beautiful ceremony was held at St. Patrick's in Ohio City, the reception was held at Quail Hollow Country Club and we all stayed at Quail Hollow Resort - all great! All fun! But how about I show ya....

The Alexanders' are officially married! + The very cool ceremony program design
After the wedding we hung out in the lounge of the hotel before stuffing 20 people into the shuttle van taking us to the reception - Brennan was really having a good time + Cubby and Martha getting cozy + AJP and Martha looking pretty but please notice Martha's outfit change - she's so fancy!

The bride and groom were quite surprised to find Jesse's buddies Star Wars saluting them upon their entrance into the reception - it was pure awesomeness.
Friends! AJP and Court + Muffin and Brennan + Cackle Club united Babs and CK + light sabers became centerpieces for timmybennett and Hartzell

This is only HALF of the cookie table, HALF. It was glorious. + Muffin and Babs + Hatchel, DBLB and JesseG
There's a decades old tradition in Jesse's family where at some point during the reception the groom is essentially tackled and a 40 pound pelican named Pete is literally chained to his leg and he has to drag it around (much like his new wife, ha) until the elders undo the pad lock - it's kinda hilarious.
Court, me, Muffin and AJP chillin' by the fire + DBLB, CK and JesseG looking handsome + timmybennett drinking from some sort of PIMP cup, ha
Captain, Clark, Ahmed and Jesse + dance party USA + Muffin and the beautiful bride + Ahmed in his full wedding outfit, casually relaxing by the fire, oh so naturally.
If Ahmed's hat was a woman we'd probably call her a slut because it sure as hell got around on the dance floor... Ginenne + Steph + Carla + Keri + CK + Clark
Sunday brought my not so little anymore cousin Graceyn's 10th birthday party in Canton where the little one played pin the lollipop + adult musical chairs + Slightly Stoopid and 311 at Nautica Pavilion + me and CK at the concert 
By Sunday night, at the concert, CK and I were SPENT from the fun weekend and after seeing the first two acts, we listened to one whole 311 song before we peaced out for home and bed.

It's exhausting having this much fun, you guys, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So happy birthday to Graceyn and my love CK, and major congratulations to the newlyweds Stephanie and Jesse - I'm so happy for the both of you and wish you nothing but happiness!

Happy Wednesday, kids.

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  1. I love Steph's dress...and for her wedding post, did you decide you weren't going to call her by her nickname on purpose?

  2. timmy's pimp cup is pretty stellar.

  3. That dress is stunning, and I WISH Stephen was a Star Wars nerd like me, because I love the lightsaber idea. However, we both agreed on glowstick wars for our reception. Yeah, we're gonna get weird with it...

  4. Steph's dress is gorgeous and the pelican pete - my god - that's freaking hilarious.


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