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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The whirlwind weekend that was I could technically say started last Wednesday when I got to hang out with some old friends and former coworkers while they knocked off the letter 'G'.

G? Yes, G. 

You may be asking yourself right now what that means, so I'm hear to tell you that a fun new Cleveland blog has been born called the Cleveland Alphabetical Bar Crawl. It's a pretty self explanatory concept but it's sure as heck a fun one, especially when you get to have a 'G' themed evening out in Cleveland. Check it out our escapades, because it "It Ain't Nothing But a G Thang, baby (at Greenhouse Tavern)".

Thursday brought a night in with CK if only to save energy for Friday and Saturday night, planning ahead people - this isn't my first rodeo. 

Friday a great group of friends headed to Market in Rocky River for catching up with friends, meeting new friends (Hi, Danielle!), and playing with adorable babies and watching the Browns lose. Public House in West Park for me, CK, MOB and Pete naturally followed - a nice little Friday if I do say so myself.

Pete and MOB (who are getting married in less than a month!) + Holler and Doyle + Rory Jr and Jill + me and CK + Ginenne and Clark

Saturday morning my ass got handed to me at Fitness Edge in Lakewood (like it does there three times a week) in the best way possible. It needed to be done though because Saturday night was the 4th (5th?) annual Cleveland White Party.

My good friends Seanski and Nugget have hosted this annual party at their home in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood (conveniently located a 1/2 a block away from me) for years and it only gets better and better. This year's theme was heaven and hell - obviously white was to be worn, but the accent color was appropriately deemed to be red. Naturally, I wore a red dress because white and I just don't get along.

The 2012 White Party went off without a hitch. We danced our butts off, courtesy of DJ Evan Evolution, mingled with great friends, met some new ones, laughed till we cried, had a squat contest, talked politics like civil people and only were mildly freaked out by #aprongate.

I'd call that a win, now, to the pictures!

My additions to the White Party: My favorite bubbles, Veuve Clicquot + my favorite bouron, Maker's Mark + Paleo Coconut Macaroons with a non-paleo white chocolate drizzle (oops)

The two level's of Seanski and Nuggets condo were decorated to reflect this year's theme of heaven and hell. White puffy clouds vs scary red lighted mannequins, ha. Obvy there had to be a social media cheat sheet too.
PJ and Shane, or tweedle dee and tweedle dum + Larger and a single serving of boxed wine (!) + Lzone, Justin and Mama Seanski + the party bar area, I love that 'no' sign

You can tell a lot of people at this party were social media nerds, hence Janet, Suzanne and Shibani all heads down and Nick actually paying attention. + Katrina, Lzone, Heatha and Alana being adorable in white and red.

The top image shows the ongoing bromance/fight between Mark and Driggs over CK - it's kinda cute. + Moe and me being happy friends + me, Kyle and Suzanne up to no good.

Me, Mo and Kyle who is successfully grabbing both of our breasteses + #aprongate, aka the man that no on knew at the party who on the dance floor suddenly took off all his clothes down to this underwear and put on this apron - I COULD NOT MAKE THIS CRAP UP, hilarious. + DJ Evan Evolution on the 1's and 2's + Dance party USA

Hands down my favorite picture of the night, our famed ever amazing hosts Seanski and Nugget towards the end of the night, with a side of Lzone for good measure in the background

There are many things that can be said about me and my friends, but one thing is for certain, we sure know how to have a good time.

Here's to the 2012 Cleveland White Party! On to the next one!

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. Where's the photo of you dancing with Sean on the ground????! :)
    Good times!

    1. i may or may not have conveniently forgotten about that one ;)

  2. down to his UNDERWEAR!!!!!

    what a perfect shot of the hosts.

  3. haha, the party pictures are great. seriously looks like so much fun!


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