Cleveland Browns Hospitality Group + Wholesome Fun For All

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's amazing how a weekend filled with one whole adult beverage, yard work, crafts, movies and playgrounds can allow you to feel amazing on a Sunday night when normally you're too tired from all your partying activities to blog.

It's brilliant!

I'm typing this while homemade marinara sauce, onions, garlic, fresh basil and chicken thighs are simmering in a dutch oven low and slow at 300 degrees and I'm drinking a skinny girl margarita. I'm pretty sure I'm cooking like it's fall but drinking like it's summer - kinda like how it's been outside all weekend, between seasons.

But let's get back to that weekend...

I'll say it started on Thursday when I was invited to Cleveland Browns Stadium with all of the club level season ticket holders to sample some of the new (and way improved) dining options courtesy of the Cleveland Browns Hospitality Group. The recently launched group was designed to transform the premium dining experience at Cleveland Browns Stadium, not only on Sunday's, but for all sorts of special events.

New offerings include Chef Michael Symon (B Spot), Chef Jonathon Sawyer (new Sawyer's Street Frites concept) and Chef Rocco Whalen (Rosie & Rocco's) - having tried almost everything on Thursday I can say that scoring club level seats just got even more important to me. From burgers, to doughnuts, to SO many varieties of frites and meatballs, glorious meatballs, I approve of this new chef and Browns partnership.

Sawyer sharing his Street Frites + Rocco sharing his meatballs with all + The Rosie & Rocco sign + Danko's Donuts from Sawyer's Street Frites, I mean I personally love donuts on a Sunday morning
Bring on the C-Town Eats + Charity in quite possibly the best Cleveland Browns outfit ever, only she channel Doris Day career woman with hardcore Browns fan and pull it off + Brown & Oranges, Brown & Oranges, Brown & Oranges

After the I was thoroughly and happily stuffed from the Cleveland Browns Hospitality tasting I headed to Ohio City's newest restaurant, The Black Pig, with CK for some cocktails. While we didn't eat, the menu looked great and I can't wait to go back and try their offerings while sitting on the rooftop deck staring at the city skyline. 

Friday night it was a party of one for me as I grocery shopped and cleaned - it was getting crazy at plum's palace as I watched Gold Rush in my underwear while eating a pineapple popsicle. Truth. 

Saturday was spent with CK and his little one where we crafted like maniacs in my backyard and I gave her a pedicure while she relaxed and read a book - this kid has got the life!

Saturday evening we headed east to help our friend Colleen celebrate the opening of their third Buffalo Wild Wings in Northeast Ohio, this time in Warrensville Heights. The Franklin family also holds BW3 franchises in Medina and Strongsville - their newest location is primed for success with it's location and it's a beautiful building. 

The opening bash featured tons of their signature wings and featured menu items as well as a photo booth from ShutterBooth and CK's little one dominating the claw game - she won two prizes in a row which is literally unheard of. I can't even begin to tell you how much money I've wasted on claw games trying to get stuffed animals and this ringer nails two in a row. Good times, good times.

Colleen and Jerry Franklin BW3 proprietors extraordinaire. + one heck of a media wall... LOOK AT ALL THOSE TVS!

If you work or live in the Warrensville Heights area be sure to stop by the new Buffalo Wild Wings and support my friend by eating tons and tons of wings and beer - you'll be glad you did :)

Sunday brought brunch cooking, church at Our Lady Mt. Carmel, neighborhood exploring at the new Michael J Zone recreation center and movie watching. All circling back to the beginning of this post and Sunday cooking which always has a cook start when diced onions are involved.

With a busy work week ahead of me with an upcoming jam packed weekend to match I'm glad I'm kicking Monday off ahead of schedule with my blog posting.

It's amazing what a wholesome weekend does to me.

Happy Monday, kids!

[Disclosure: I was invited by Cleveland Browns Hospitality Group to participate in this tasting event at no cost, and more full disclosure, my firm was hired by the CBHG to help promote this new dining rollout, but I do not work on the account. As always the opinions are my own.]


  1. I'm totally with you on the eating-like-it's-fall but I'm still drinking summer beer! I just can't bring myself to bust out the Pumking yet. And the new food at Browns stadium sounds awesome - can't wait to check it out!

  2. Great running into you guys on Thursday night!!

  3. I personally love any post that contains the words glorious and meatballs. And glorious meatballs - together? Such a treat. What a fun weekend you had. xxoo

  4. Can't wait to try out the new BWW! It's a hop skip and a jump away from Stephens! Yay for bars within walking distance in case you get too drunk to drive home and no one wants to pick your ass up!!

  5. I'm so excited for Colleen and her family! Their new location is super close to a non-profit I'm working with. I'll have to stop by and say hi.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed The Black Pig. I'm hoping to get there sooner rather than later.

  6. I don't think I've ever eaten at the Browns stadium in all my years of attending the game. I'd go for the frites or doughnuts - my theme is fried carbs.

  7. Yay for a new BW-3! I'll have to stop by for old times sake - I loved the one in Kent back in the day. Hope they still have those pizza eggrolls -they were my absolute favorite!!

  8. I love BW3's! Many memories at the Kent location :-) Glad you had a fun weekend!

  9. I am so ready for fall cooking, too! Great seeing you at the Browns event...the food was amazing!

  10. this looks like so much fun! i can't wait for it to be a million degrees so i can cook and bake again.

  11. Who doesn't love a BW3...and a pedicure...for realz, that kid has got the life!!

  12. After reading your post I am craving those doughnuts again! Go brownies...go doughnuts!

  13. Great seeing you at the Browns event...the food was amazing!but this looks like so much fun!Hospitality design firms

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