Just a Greek family in Canton, Ohio getting ready to eat some lamb...

Friday, August 24, 2012

I was lucky to receive many amazing gifts for my 32nd birthday this past July, but one gift continues to shine, a rare family photograph.

My Thea (Aunt) Paulette found this photo while going through my Yiayia Katina's (Grandma, her Mom) things.

This below photo was taken the summer of 1960 in Canton, Ohio where all of my non Greek immigrant family is from.

The Marinos' and the Berbelis' + other Greek cousins and family in 1960 Canton, Ohio

This may just look like a regular 'ol retro photograph of a family enjoying a day in the park but there's so many family layers here for me.

For example:
- The boy squatting down on the left? That's my father, Anthony.
- The girl with the broken leg making the funny face on the right? That's my mother, Stephanie, who as a 2nd grader broke her leg roller skating.

Yes, my parents knew each other when they were kids - growing up Greek in Canton, Ohio that wasn't absurd - I've just never seen a picture of them together this young, which is awesome. But there's more...

The man holding the giant spit of lamb? (So Greek, I know). My Papou (Grandfather) James on my Dad's side, who I sadly never met. The man lovingly looking at my mom on the crutches? My Papou Nick, who I also sadly never met. The white haired gentlman looking on? My Great Grandfather Yianni, crazy right?

My Thea Eros (Dad's sister) is the taller girl right behind my Dad, and my Thea Paulette (who gave me the picture) is behind my Mom in the sweet glasses. My awesome cousins Annie and Janet are by my Papou James as well as some other random cousins from my Dad's side that don't acknowledge I'm their cousin, ha.

It's all pretty cool and special for me to see not only my parents at such a young age together in a photograph but also both of my Papou's together in a photograph.

This is family people!

And thanks to my Thea Paulette I now have this photo prominently and beautifully framed in my living room to glance at everyday. I love it.

Happy Friday, kids.


  1. Alexa, this is priceless. Love!

    I never knew that Thea meant Aunt. I know this is ridic, but I always hear Theresa on RHONJ say it and never knew! What can I say, I learn a lot from reality tv..........

  2. Heather, yeah it's pretty awesome!! I think 'Zia' is Aunt in Italian, hence Theresa from RHONJ - we are so pathetic that we are even commenting about it, haha.

  3. that is such a great photo! and a great idea!

  4. What an awesome photo to have.

    Damn - I wish I called my aunts something other than aunt.

    Let me look up what "aunt" is in Hungarian....

  5. I love it too!! You made me cry...ha. This is such a wonderful treasure to have found! xoxo

  6. what an absolutely beautiful photograph!

  7. What a fun piece to have around your own home! It's fun to dig out the old photos, especially to see your parents at such a young age. Love the stories that come from it, as well.

  8. What an amazing photograph and beautiful gift! It would make an incredible showpiece on gallery wrapped canvas. How cool to have both sides of your family in the same shot. I love casual images that really give you a sense of what everyday life is like.

    Zia is Aunt in Italian, and Tia is aunt in Spanish. Once the proper accents are added in, they all sound pretty similar!

  9. that is such a wonderful gift & a fun picture! also love that your parents have known each other since they were kids, that is so cute!

  10. That is an awesome treasure!, love it!

  11. What a splendid and thoughtful gift! And what a rack...of lamb. I want it to be the '60s right now. I'd totally wear those glasses.

  12. i think that while i dont think i am much older than you...i dont have any photos of my parents in color. uhhhh yeaaaaa.

    awesome photo though, and what a great memory to have!!

    1. i commented about the color thing too, i was like, i thought you guys were older than color, haha.

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