Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This past weekend CK's mom and aunt were visiting Cleveland to help celebrate his little ones 5th birthday. There was dinner at Lolita in Tremont on Thursday, dinner and lots of presents at CK's on Friday and a kids birthday party fit for a 5-year-old at The Jump Yard with playtime galore.

Even though I'm not sharing pictures of all the festivities at this time, I promise it was enjoyable and the little one was spoiled rotten in the best way possible. PRESENTS! CAKE! FUN!

Saturday though I broke from family fun time to attend the famed Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp on Whiskey Island.

A pre-gaming bubbles and brunch began at XYZ the Tavern with Shibani, Seanski, Nugget, Lzone, Allison, Nadine and Amber. Because everyone knows you need a good base of bubble and brunch to start Krusty's off right.

This year's event was standard fun in that it was hot, there was music, lots of beer, amazing people watching and the beautiful lake - and it was all being done for the good cause that is St. Malachi House.

One new activity occurred this year though that just didn't sit well with me... a bikini contest....with a $1,000 prize, at a charity event that helps provide hospice care. This isn't Rover Fest people, let's tone it down a bit. Now, I don't know this for a fact, but I would bet good money that the winner of the bikini contest didn't give her winnings back to the charity...

Having been going to Krusty's for the last six years I know that I can expect debauchery, but I just can't get behind a 1K prize bikini contest. It just seemed, trashy.

End rant.

Now, back to the fun times at Krusty's and proof of it all... the pics!

Kelly, Amber and Lzone (in descending height order) + Nadie and Allison on the water + a VERY angled Lake Erie shot

AJP, Shiabani, Lulu and Seanski + Krusty's swag + my cocktail of choice for the day, Makers Mark in a Perfect Pour Flask

When we were done with Krusty's, Seanski, Lzone and I headed over to Whiskey Island Marina to play on Alana and Deano's friends boat before we headed to Sunset Grille for late night dancing. Let it be known though that "late night" to us was 11pm, haha. We had been partying for twelve hours at this point.

Deano and Seanksi + Alana and Jay + Lzone playing cowbell with the band at Sunset Grille + Alana and Seanski rocking some sweet moves on the dance floor

And with that, another fabulously fun Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp is in the books.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. Looks like quite a fun weekend! Yeah, I don't know about a bikini contest for charity... especially when the winnings are $1k. Craziness.

  2. That is a shame about the contest. Just seems like an unnecessary addition. Was there a men's category as well? Seems like they could have done a talent or skill related contest and had an entry fee of $5 or something. If the goal is fundraising, then make your fundraising pool as big as possible by opening it up to as many people as possible, not just the beach body types. :) Thanks for the Krusty's update! Have a great week girl!

  3. the perfect pour was the perfect accessory.

  4. what a day...night whatever is was!! holy sweaty balls.

  5. all i know about whiskey island is from your blog...and the 20 seconds it took me to pass it on the cleveland marathon. It sounds like a happenin place though. i need to get my butt there before the snow falls!!

    I'm never a fan of a bikini contest unless it involves both sexes. everyone should get to enjoy the fun!

  6. i mean, i say this every week, but i need to party with you guys one weekend. hopefully i could keep up with all the awesome, ha.

  7. Every year I miss Krusty's and every year I swear I'm going the next year. I really mean it this time, though!

    Totally agree about the bikini contest being in poor taste, though.

  8. Sad I missed it. Looks like a true Lake Erie drunkfest ;)


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